July 16, 2020

Will Remote Developers Perform as Well as In-House Developers?

Offshore development has become increasingly common. With benefits like reduced cost, scalability, and business support, why wouldn’t it? The answer actually brings about a common question, “Will my offshore developer perform as well as an in-house developer?” Allshore Virtual Staffing understands the concerns of hiring offshore and has over ten years of experience fine tuning the process to make it easier for you. Today, we are going to answer that question and compare the risks and benefits for hiring offshore versus in-house.

In-House vs. Offshore

In-House Developers

In-house web developers tend to be easy to manage because you have the opportunity for consistent face-to-face communication and complete control over the quality of the work in person. Working directly with your team in an office environment also helps you get to know them, and in turn, you know who is more qualified for particular tasks. 

However, hiring an in-house team for web development is expensive. You have to pay an attractive salary as well as benefits like healthcare. When hiring an in-house team, you’ll also pay for an office, electricity, and supplies. Additionally, you’ll need a larger team that consists of an HR manager and supervisory managers to oversee your development team. These costs can add up very quickly.

Hiring in-house is definitely appealing when you have the infrastructure and workload to compensate for additional costs, and if you are capable of managing your team effectively and efficiently.

Offshore Developers

One of the most significant reasons for hiring offshore is lower costs compared to in-house teams. Without having to pay higher salaries, office space, or certain benefits, you will have more access to qualified and experienced developers.

Working with an offshore team allows you flexibility with hours. You are allowed to assign hours on a case-by-case basis depending upon your needs. If for some reason a relationship doesn’t work, there will often be other developers available to take over.

Finally, working with a company like Allshore allows you to focus on your business. We have a two-manager system in place, as well as an HR staff so you won’t have to worry about scheduling and attendance, payroll and benefits, or ensuring productivity. Outsourcing with us means you will not have to worry about searching for the best candidate either. We aim to hire qualified, experienced developers through our interview process; you just have to find the perfect team member for you. 

Offshore teams and in-house teams are both beneficial for various reasons, which are often dependent on your business and goals. When making the decision on which best fits your business model, performance should not be a concern, because the answer to the initial question is yes! Offshore developers are equally qualified and can perform as well as in-house teams.

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