February 27, 2020

Why Hire Offshore Employees Through Allshore Virtual Staffing?

We often come across people who prefer to work with in-house employees for fear of lack of communication, losing control of their team, the difference in time zone, and security and accountability. However, the right system can not only set you up for success, but will help you thrive. Hiring offshore employees offers a pool of various skills, talent, and experiences that allow you to achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently; that’s why some of the most successful corporations work with companies like Allshore.

Outsourcing your project through a company like Allshore will benefit your business, not harm it. Hiring an offshore team is cost effective when compared to hiring local developers and when hiring through Allshore, your business will benefit by gaining talented and hardworking employees.

Allshore has implemented many safeguards to ensure your offshore experience is a great one. We aim to provide a better platform for collaboration that saves you money, maintains security, and provides maximum accountability. Working with our company has many other benefits as well, let’s have a look at some of the main reasons why you should hire offshore developers through Allshore!

Reduced cost

Working with offshore employees is much more cost efficient when compared to in-house staffing. Outsourced teams have lower labor costs. An experienced in-house employee can cost you anywhere from $75k –  $120K per year, whereas for the same money, you can hire 3-4 talented and experienced offshore employees. Hiring offshore through Allshore is an easy way to save you money and invest it into other profitable projects.


Ensuring the security of your project can be challenging when working with an offshore team. Entrusting your data to an offshore employee can be risky, which is why you need to look for a solid security system that makes sure no one is misusing your data. At Allshore, we have foolproof security policies that ensure the security of your data and prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, we have physical and electronic safeguards in place that secure your information. We also follow stipulations in the Data Protection Act 1998 to prevent the misuse of your data and information.

Our information security team ensures the confidentiality of your data and NDAs are signed by all employees for the security of our client’s projects.

Project Management

Working with a long-distance team may produce some anxiety regarding project control and lack of communication. At Allshore, we ask our clients to be 100% responsible for project management. We want you to have control over your projects including task assignment, staying updated on progress of work, and due dates. This ensures maximum flexibility, freedom, and independence for you to get your projects done the way you want them to be done.

Allshore provides a unique experience with our support managers. As our client, you will be provided a Client Success Manager (CSM) and Technical Success Manager (TSM) to help you manage your team member’s day-to-day activities.

U.S. Business Hours and U.S. Billing System hours 

Our developers work U.S. business hours, which allows for real time communication with your offshore team. This minimal difference in time gap ensures increased communication and more control over the development of your project. Maintaining contact with your team keeps the work flowing and encourages work ethic and dependability. We also provide a U.S. billing system in order to prevent confusion, allowing you to get the most out of your benefits.

Proper Logistics and Infrastructure 

Proper infrastructure and working conditions are essential for developers. Insufficient resources mean lack of communication, and consistent communication is critical to the performance of your team. At Allshore, we provide top-quality resources such as adequate working conditions, internet speed, and hardware quality to ensure maximum performance and successful collaboration with our clients.


We use many methods to ensure accountability between our developers and clients, such as daily communication and team calls. We aim to provide a platform for successful collaboration between our clients and their teams. This collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page, establishing that  your team has a clear understanding of what they are required to do and awareness of the big picture. Furthermore, we make sure that every member of the development team understands the value of his planned schedule and the importance of delivering the project in time.

These are just the main benefits of working with Allshore Virtual Staffing. These safeguards will help take away the traditional pains of working offshore and provide you the stability of in-house at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out to us here; we’d love to talk with you more about what Allshore can do for you and your company!

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