October 18, 2018

Why Constant Training is a Must in the Tech Industry

Every business, no matter the sector, should invest in continual training for all of their employees. By investing time and money into your employees, not only will they be happier and more motivated in their work, but they will also have new information that they can then apply to your business. Nowhere is this more important or relevant though, than the tech sector.


While it is an obvious statement, it is not an understatement to say that technology is constantly changing and evolving. Not only are companies always attempting to develop the next best thing, the software that they are developing with is constantly morphing on its own. With regularly updated versions, new features, and bug fixes there is literally always a new tool to use for software development. Beyond that, within a matter of years, a once widely used framework for coding can become completely obsolete. Everyone in the tech sector has to constantly learn and try new things, whether they are developing the framework that people will use to code or if they are a software developer creating for a client.

Software engineers have to continue learning in order to keep themselves stable in their careers. A developer who learns everything in university, but never learns any new skills after that will find themselves without a job. There may be some clients who are using older and outdated forms of coding, but these jobs are few and far between. In order to have a solid and long-term career, constant R&D on new subjects is a way of life for developers.

This doesn’t have an effect only on the individual though. Constant learning and upgrading is in some ways even more important to companies. Updating services and software doesn’t just get you more attention from customers and investors, it is a basic need to continue to offer secure products. At this point in time, we have all become used to what seems like near constant data breaches of companies and websites. While this is a disappointingly frequent occurrence, it should not be the norm. Through new techniques and technologies, we have the ability to keep our products and customers as safe as possible. In order to do this, companies need the efficiency and innovation of new coding techniques.


At Allshore, we have a constant focus on further training for all our employees, because we recognize how critical it is for our clients. No matter what department, we are always working to improve our skills and services. Even our non-technical support team members take part in regular training sessions and courses in order to stay sharp. 

When our developers are in between clients and projects, they use that time for assigned R&D tasks. Whether they are learning an entirely new development skill or are improving those they already know, our employees work with their Team Leads to use any extra time outside of development work wisely. Each year, our employees also have detailed evaluations, and this is another time that our Team Leads meet with them to discuss areas for improvement, as well as new areas of development that they could learn.

Even developers who are working full time with clients have access to additional training, as our offices take part in planning and hosting large-scale conferences for specific development types such as the Drupal Camp or Dev Con. Community training is also a part of the company. Our Islamabad office hosts regular training camps through the Code Movement group, of which several of our employees are founding members. Lastly, RK, one of our Team Leads who specializes in .NET development, has been leading project management certification training courses, as well as teaching project management at a nearby university. While the 10 week training course is aimed at those who are wanting to take the test for PMP certification, it is also a great way to learn new strategies to help in development work.


Continual training is a must for all fields, but because of how quickly programs and techniques change for coding, in order to stay relevant and secure developers, and the companies they work for, must constantly be learning.


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