October 27, 2020

Why Choose Laravel

When it comes to choosing the right platform, you should always aim for the best, and Laravel is one of the most competent PHP web frameworks on the market right now. Although Laravel is widely known, it can be difficult for a non-technical professional to understand all of its perks, and we’re happy to break it down so anyone can understand.

What is Laravel?

Simply put, Laravel is designed to reduce manual code writing during development. Based in Symphony, Taylor Otwell created Laravel as a free PHP framework following the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern in June 2011, as stated in W3adda. Laravel provides modular packaging, routing services, and unit testing

11 Great Reasons to Choose Laravel

Laravel is quickly gaining popularity, and with good reason. Below, we’ve listed the benefits that make Laravel a good choice for your framework.

1. Security

Laravel allows businesses to safeguard their codebase through CSRF tokens, which check each request and protects from those who might want to breach the security. It does not take security threats and risks such as cross-site forgery requests and SQL injections lightly.

2. Built-in Libraries

The pre-installed and object-oriented libraries are a large reason behind the skyrocketing demand for Laravel. The authentication library is one of the most well-known libraries out of the 20 pre-installed libraries, and it provides developers with encryption and login and database securities.

3. Template

The Blade templating engine of Laravel is very intuitive, works great with typical PHP/HTML, and makes it easy to create impressive layouts from the lightweight templates. Additionally, developers can use widgets like JS and CSS with significant structures to reduce the load time of the website and improve its ranking in search engines.

4. MVC Pattern and Clear Documentation

Laravel offers the experience of better documentation, which is easily understandable, neat, and much more organized. The text is also placed very beautifully as the representation of documentation is a big priority.

In addition, Laravel follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, so it comes with a variety of built-in functions to choose from. This improves overall performance and enhances documentation.

5. Tool Integration and Caching

By allowing the integration of tools like Memcached and Redis as a popular cache back-ends, Laravel helps developers speed up their site’s performance and enhance the app’s performance. Additionally, it encourages simple tasks such as storing objects in a file or database.

6. Authentication process

Laravel enables developers to create web applications that provide resource access only to authorized users. The mechanism behind the authentication process seamlessly keeps unauthorized users at bay.

7. Built-in Project Environment, Artisan

Artisan is an integrated Laravel project environment that helps developers with lengthy programming tasks. It offers a structured way of coding and helps in creating effective codes for a diversified range of requirements. It also helps generate the database structure, making it easier to manage the database system.

8. Global Audience Access

Laravel expands your business by enabling the creation of multi-lingual apps to reach a global audience; this eventually allows the app to map across all different browsers and platforms, thus promoting and extending your business.

9.Unit Testing

Laravel permits you to write test cases and perform unit testing through the PHP unit to properly evaluate the features of the web application to your satisfaction. It also allows the custom test methods according to specific testing requirements. It further sets up the PHPunit.XML file by default.

10. HTTP Middleware 

Laravel uses HTTP middleware, adding layers to the HTTP route. Middleware encourages testing and removes individual requests and conventional layers. It makes the communication between your app and web server easier without using any outside tools.

11. Tutorials

Laravel framework offers Laracasts, which provide both free and paid tutorials to ease developers into the complex issues of coding. Laracast is helpful in learning and efficiently practicing Laravel, and professionals and experts prepare the tutorials with clear instructions to fulfill the needs of the developer.


With refined web application and developing compact, Laravel has become one of the highest ranking web frameworks in the industry. This PHP-based system has comprehensive features designed to save time – making room for more important tasks. It expands horizons for businesses all over the world by allowing for enhanced communication among parties globally.

Laravel empowers developers seeking a straightforward and elegant tool kit for web development. Its business solutions deliver simplicity to ease the process of coding applications. Laravel is ideal for when you are looking to develop a well-performing web solution.

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