January 11, 2021

What Is A Virtual Employee?

In the business world, your success depends largely on the quality of employees that you hire. If you are having a hard time finding the right people to hire, one option that you might want to consider is a virtual employee. What exactly is a virtual employee and why would you want to hire one?

Virtual Employee

Virtual workers are essentially a type of freelance worker who works on a remote basis for your company. You do not hire the virtual employee as you would with a regular full-time employee. Instead, the individual works on tasks that you assign for a specific fee, as an independent contractor.

With advancements in technology, it is possible to outsource many of the responsibilities that your company has to someone in another part of the world. Your remote worker can handle these tasks and make sure that your customers are taking care of as if you were handling them.

What Can A Virtual Employee Do?

Virtual employees can do almost anything that a regular employee can do, short of being there in person to talk to a customer in your store. Do you need someone to answer the phone for you? A virtual assistant can handle that. What about reading emails and responding to customers who have questions? That sounds like a perfect outsourcing opportunity.

Virtual employees can handle inbound or outbound calls, deal with IT problems, talk to customers on instant messaging services, schedule appointments, do research, and a host of other things. Virtual employees can even handle sales functions for you over the phone or over the Internet. A virtual employee could work on designing a website for your business or building content for it. You could even have a virtual employee handle your accounting and bookkeeping functions. There are very few limits on what a virtual employee could be able to do for your business.

Why Hire a Virtual Employee?

Hiring virtual employees can be highly beneficial for a company that needs experts with a specific set of skills but doesn’t require their in-person presence.

The hiring process for the virtual workforce is easier than for in-person hires. You can do everything you usually do when selecting new members for your team without meeting offline. The current technologies allow the hiring and onboarding process to proceed smoothly regardless of the employee’s location.

Virtual staffing is an easy and cost-effective approach to finding top-notch team members without overpaying them. You have the advantage of interviewing virtual employees from around the globe. Virtual staff removes all location boundaries, widening your talent pool tremendously.

By opting for virtual employees you can save money on overhead, onboarding, and hiring while freeing up more time on focusing on urgent matters related to your business.

If you live in an area where employees with specific skills are a rarity, hiring virtual staff could be an excellent way to augment your team and enjoy positive results.

Is it Hard to Manage a Remote Employee?

If you’re looking for a new team member, hiring a virtual employee can be easy. Is it hard to manage a remote employee once you hire one? Even if you don’t have a policy for virtual staff, it doesn’t mean that hiring a virtual employee is out of the question. You simply need to implement a relevant management scheme.

Managing remote employees may even be easier than controlling them in-person. You can get more feedback from these specialists since they are used to working online. These people are usually well-organized and ready to work in a remote environment.

When hiring a virtual employee, you should remember that managing them is similar to working with in-person staff. You just need to implement a policy and invest in proper technologies and software to simplify remote communication.

You have to be clear about setting goals and explaining them to your virtual staff. Focusing on employee engagement can yield impressive results both online and offline.

What Are the Key Benefits of Hiring Virtual Employees?

Hiring virtual employees comes with a variety of important benefits. Besides the ability to work remotely, you get an opportunity to improve your projects by collaborating with workers who have highly specific skill sets.

  • High productivity – remote workers tend to be highly productive thanks to the flexibility of their working environment.
  • Cost reduction – you can reduce expenses on utilities and overhead while getting results beyond office hours.
  • Less turnover – virtual employees like the flexibility offered by remote collaboration. They tend to stay with the company for a long time, thus lowering the turnover rates and costs associated with it.
  • Growth opportunities – if you’re looking for growth opportunities, remote employees can help you achieve this goal by providing the necessary skillsets and improving your team’s output.

Is Hiring a Remote Employee for Your Company Hard?


HOW TO FIND AND HIRE Virtual Employees

While the idea of having a virtual employee on staff might sound attractive, you may not have any idea where to start. If you don’t know where to find virtual employees, check us out here at Allshore, a virtual staffing agency. Allshore is a company that specializes in providing virtual employees for companies of all sizes. They can give you access to large teams of individuals or just a few workers, based on your company’s needs. This makes it possible to find the exact labor solution that you need without hiring full-time employees. Give us a call today at (888) 326-5611 to get the virtual employee hiring process started!

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