Travels Through Pakistan: Peshawar

Here at Allshore, we like to be as educated as possible when it comes to our Pakistani team members and their homes. One of the first surprising things I learned about Pakistan was how beautiful of a country is it. Given its geological location, not many people expect it to be home to such diverse natural and manmade wonders. 


Near the Pakistan border with Afghanistan lies Peshawar, one of the most ancient cities in Pakistan.



Peshawar has had a complicated history, and has gone by many names, one for each new conqueror of the city. Peshawar is over 2,000 years old, though origin of the city is said to hail from the Ramayana, one of the most famous Hindu epics. The city also has ties to Buddhism, and the amazing Shahji-ki-Dheri stupas lie just outside of the city. Peshawar was once the capital of the Buddhist Gandharan Kingdom which lasted until 500 BCE.


The city’s early history was filled with conflict as new peoples came to power and took the city for themselves. Peshawar was ruled by Indo-Iranians, Chinese, Indians, and Mongols. Even Alexander the Great was among the parade of great warriors who entered the city. Because of it’s colorful past, Peshawar has a mixed culture that is best expressed through its art. Visitors to the Peshawar Museum can view pieces with inspiration from a variety of cultures including Greek and Hindu. The museum was built in 1906 and mixes British and Moghal styles of architecture.


 If you’re in the mood for shopping in Peshawar, there is no better place that the Qissa Khawani Bazaar. Known as “The Street of Story Tellers,” this lovely and lively market stretches through the city. Here you can find amazing carpets and woodcrafts, as well as jewelry and delicious foods.


Near Peshawar is the famous Khyber Pass, a low passage area in the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is one of the few traversable areas in the range, though still dangerous to travel though, and so has been important for Pakistan and Afghanistan for centuries. Near the entrance to the Khyber Pass is Jumrud Fort, built in 1823 by the Sikhs ruler as a testament to how far their empire reached. The large arch that is so famous was actually added in the 1960’s to formally mark the road leading to the Khyber Pass.


Peshawar is an exciting city perfect for any lover of history. The surrounding mountains provide adventure for those looking for wilder exploits, and the town is filled with colorful sense-pleasing architecture, arts, and bazaars making Peshawar a wonderful travel destination.




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