Travels Through Pakistan: Lahore (Part One)

Here at Allshore, we like to be as educated as possible when it comes to our Pakistani team members and their homes. One of the first surprising things I learned about Pakistan was how beautiful of a country is it. Given its geological location, not many people expect it to be home to such diverse natural and manmade wonders.



This week we’re moving out of the countryside, and into the city. Lahore is our next destination. We’ll be exploring this amazing city in two blogs.

Lahore is an ancient city at least 2,000 years old. Known as the center of intellectual life in the country, Lahore has been a desirable objective for many countries; everyone wanted control of the beautiful and powerful city. It boasts many historical sites, such as the Lahore Fort, which became a UNESCO site in 1981. The fort was built around the 11th century, but portions of it have been rebuilt over time, including a rebuild in the 16th century by the Mughal ruler Akbar. The site also has gardens that have been tended to for almost 400 years. These gardens, which stretch on for 16 hectares, contain amazing terraces, water features, and unusual plants. Additionally, the city of Lahore still has 13 gates leftover from when the Fort was the main part of the city, each with a special meaningful name. These gates are a part of the 30-foot wall that created the compound. Lahore_Fort


During British occupation many universities and schools were built, which have become famous throughout Pakistan. The University of the Punjab (featured on the left) was built in 1882 by the British and is the oldest university in Pakistan. 

You can visit many historical figures tombs in the city, including those of Allama Iqbal, the famous poet philosopher; Jehangir a Mughal emperor; and the Mughal empress Noor Jehan.

Lahore is also home to a small section of open-border with India called the Wagha Border. Citizens of the two countries, as well as foreigners, can pass through this area for about twenty U.S. cents.




For those interested in quicker paced sightseeing, many colorful and busy bazaars can be found around the city, including the Anarkali Bazaar (shown on the right), famous for its wide selection. The Lahore Zoo, established in 1872, is one of the oldest in South Asia, and houses numerous animals for guests to visit and observe. 

Lahore is a city of living history, where buildings from early centuries mingle with those of the modern world. Cultures come together and continue a tradition of artistic and intellectual wonder. These sensational factors, and more, make Lahore a truly amazing travel destination.






Photos: Author: Muhammad Ashar
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