Travels Through Pakistan: Ansoo Lake

Here at Allshore, we like to be as educated as possible when it comes to our Pakistani team members and their homes. One of the first surprising things I learned about Pakistan was how beautiful of a country is it. Given its geological location, not many people expect it to be home to such diverse natural and manmade wonders.

Barely outside the Saiful Maluk National Park is Ansoo Jheel, or Ansoo Lake. Ansoo means ‘tear drop’ and perfectly describes the unusual shape of this beautiful lake. 



The Saiful Maluk National Park is located in the northern corner of Pakistan, and was created in 2003. The park was formed around Saiful Maluk Lake to preserve the natural beauty of the lake as well as the ecosystems that surround it. Both Saiful Maluk Lake and Ansoo Lake are famous, though Saiful Maluk dwarfs Ansoo tremendously in size. Ansoo also requires a more strenuous journey to reach, and so it attracts the more adventurous visitors.  

Though there are several folk stories about Ansoo Lake, it has only recently become a popular travel destination. This is partly due to its location, which is remote and at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet. The area is very mountainous, and the lake is near Malika Parbat, one of the highest peaks in the area.


One of the stories surrounding the lake is about a prince who was told he would find the love of his life on the banks of the Saiful Maluk lake. He traveled there and waited for twelve years before finally meeting a fairy. To keep her with him, he stole her wings and confessed that he loved her. The two married, but there was another who also loved the fairy. There was a giant who had secretly loved her for a long time, and his heart was broken when she married. He went into the mountains, and cried so much that Ansoo Lake was formed in the shape of his tears.


Beautiful in both the summer and winter, the lake has amazing scenery the whole year. Backpackers and hikers love the trek up the mountains, but for those who are less adventurous, during the warmer months horses and guides can be hired to take you to the lake for sight seeing. May to September is the most popular time to visit the area, since the high altitude makes travel difficult during the fall and winter. The easiest way to reach the lake is to begin from Saiful Maluk Lake and travel through the National Park, though you can also start in the small town of Manoor.



A beautiful site awaits those who travel up the mountains to see Ansoo Lake, but the trek is well worth it. No matter what time of year it is, Ansoo Lake offers a stunning view and the chance to be in the calm of nature.



Ansoo Lake



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