Tech Tuesday: March 2015

Keeping up with new tech is important, but it’s especially important for startup owners to keep current. So you don’t get behind, here is a Tech Tuesday recap of the happenings from this quarter:


  • January saw CES 2015 come and go, starting out the new year with a bang. CES always has a wide range of tech to explore from crazy gadgets that don’t seem to take off, to more useful things like a washer with a smaller washer built in for quick, light loads. CES also brought us a lamp that plays music, scales that show your weight loss progress through smiley faces, and of course a new type of fitbit.
  •  Microsoft made waves after announcing that Windows 10, skipping the number nine, would not only fix a lot of the problems Windows 8 users had, but also would be a free upgrade. After users asked for a free upgrade, comparing them to Apple and Google, Microsoft decided to take the plunge with their new OS. While we’re still waiting for the official release date, so far Windows 10 looks like it’ll be worth the wait.
  •  Wearables have recently had a lot of hype, but particularly in the past few months have become even more prevalent. At Apple’s March 9th event, the Apple Watch was announced, as was it’s release date for the end of April. There are plenty of lovers and critics, but time will tell on how popular this product will actually be. 
  •  Even Intel got on the bandwagon, showing off their prototype of Curie, a button sized computer than could change how we view wearable technology, making it as simple as putting on a shirt or necklace. While Curie is still a long way off of being mass produced, it shows just what can be done with wearables. 
  •  SXSW always has a lot to offer, but definitely didn’t skimp out on new tech this year. Robots were abound, and visitors could even participate in a robot petting zoo. For more practical tech approaches, panels met on robotics for those in need of prosthetics and how humans will continue to interact with AI in the future.
  • Additionally, part of the SXSW conference was used to bring attention to one of the vast minorities in tech:  women. Several speakers talked about the need for support for women entering the tech field, and that women have been innovators since the beginning. Bitcoin was another hot topic, with the idea of an online bitcoin stock market in the works.


We have even more to look forward to in the next few months, including Google’s conference in May, Disrupt NYC, and the International Startup Festival. Stay tuned for more tech news!

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Anne Sutherland

Administrative Coordinator at Allshore Virtual Staffing
Anne Sutherland is an Administrative Coordinator at Allshore Virtual Staffing, a remote staffing agency. Having a BA in Asian Studies, minor in Japanese, and time spent abroad, Anne excels at multi-cultural communication and continually stays up to date on cultural events and research.

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