How can Startups keep Flexible Contracts in Offshore Software Development?

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How can Startups keep Flexible Contracts in Offshore Software Development?

One of the more common reasons startups shy away from outsourcing their product development offshore is the lack of legal accountability. Enforcing contracts with a service provider that has little to no physical presence in the U.S. can be painstaking, should the service partnership go awry. To ensure that there is full legal security, it […]


How Startup Founders can Leverage Offshore Staffing to Deliver Products Faster

For a disruptive product idea, getting the first-to-market advantage is often key to developing a strong first impression among your target customers. Audience perception early on goes a long way to ensuring that your product is a success. Therefore, if you are the originator of a unique startup solution to an existing market problem, it […]


The #1 Startup Growth Hack

One of the toughest challenges for new startup owners is building a loyal customer base. At such an early stage it is difficult to amass a sizeable market share with limited resources such as a lack of funding or lack of access to top talent to build your product. You cannot survive very long if […]


3 Ways a Hybrid Team Facilitates Communication with an Offshore Development Team

In my previous post, I talked about how a 100 percent business hours overlap can add value to your offshore staffing arrangement. Having your dispersed teams collaborate with you in real-time can be beneficial in eliminating a lot of remote hiring pitfalls such as deviation from product development goals and the resulting unproductive work hours. […]