Ebook: Offshore Talent Acquisition Guide for Startups

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Ebook: Offshore Talent Acquisition Guide for Startups

For startup founders, high-value technical talent acquisition is the first step to building their disruptive idea into a minimum viable product. However, finding candidates that are just the right fit for the product niche and getting them onboard can be a tough task. The best way founders can attract talent to their new venture is […]


How Do Offshore Software Developers Compare to Local Talent

As a tech. entrepreneur, you will inevitably be faced with the decision of hiring an in-house developer or to outsource your software development offshore. Most recently, offshoring has emerged as a popular trend in the IT industry due to the increasing demand of software development services. However, going offshore has both its benefits and drawbacks. […]


Top 3 Reasons Why Offshore Software Development Fails

In the past, hearing the word “offshore” might have made you cringe. While it’s true some people might have negative offshoring experiences to share, not all offshore software development companies are created equal. Thus, when you are looking into the vast offshoring IT world to supplement your development staff, bear in mind the red flags […]