Advantages Offshore: Allshore versus oDesk

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Advantages Offshore: Allshore versus oDesk

There are many different tools available when outsourcing your software projects across the globe, some of which are outstanding, and some of which are a nightmare. The difference lies in accountability: in the offshore staffing industry, accountability is everything and companies that can offer that, and the advantages that accompany it, are a cut above […]


The Economy Slows Down, but not Allshore

Another month has passed and employment rates in the United States are still markedly falling short: the private sector added 80,000 jobs, which is a large departure from the 90,000 jobs that had been estimated. The last three months have shown underwhelming employment reports constituting a trend of slow employment growth; there are no signs […]


Allshore Virtual Staffing: A Company Built on International Trust

Let’s face it: most Americans rarely get the chance to work closely with people in other countries or far away continents. Such was true about myself only five years ago, when universal online chatting was still gaining popularity. In fact, the only contact I had experienced with people outside of the United States was through […]