Allshore in Pakistan – Final Days

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Allshore in Pakistan – Final Days

Sunday, May 27 – Trip to Murree On Sunday we visited the Murree Hill Station, a beautiful scenic outlook in the middle of a mountainous region 45 minutes outside of Islamabad. I have heard a lot of good things about this place and it is touted as a popular tourist destination in Pakistan. During our […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day Six

Friday, May 25: Today was our last day in the office. Before work the managers came to our hotel to take some group photos. The shoot was a lot of fun and we managed to draw quite the audience by the end. On the way to work Bryan and I asked Raheel if we could […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day Five

Thursday, May 24: Our day began with the usual eventful ride to the office. Each day Bryan and I sit in the back seat of the car giggling shamelessly at how out of control street traffic feels here. It’s like a near death experience every second of the trip, not for us, but for the […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day Four

Wednesday, May 23: Today, we took a different route to the office so I once again recorded our trip. At one point, a police caravan drove by us going in the opposite direction and on the back of the truck there was a mounted 50-caliber machine gun and a guy with his finger on the […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day Three

Tuesday, May 22, 2012: We are back safely to our hotel after a long night’s work. It’s 4:15 AM, the sun will be rising shortly in Pakistan and we will be going to sleep. It’s nice that we are keeping the same working and sleeping hours, even overseas. Our day was a jam-packed with extremely […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day Two

Monday, May 21, 2012: Today we visited our office in Islamabad and got to meet all of our employees there for the first time. We slept last night from around 4:30 AM to around 2 PM local time, and Raheel and Nabeel (our number two in command here) came to pick us up around 3 […]


Allshore in Pakistan – Day One

In May 2012, Bryan and I embarked on our first trip to Pakistan. This month was a very important time in Allshore’s history, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share it with everyone. While we were visiting, I kept a blog to detail our journey. For the next few weeks, I will be […]