June 18, 2020

How to Promote Accountability Within Remote Teams


How To Promote Accountability within Remote Teams 

Working with a remote development team introduces challenges of accountability in a unique way. That said, this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the benefits outsourcing can bring to your business. While there are genuine concerns that come with accountability, odds of advancement are greater than failure, and Allshore Virtual Staffing wants to help set you up for success! To date, we have nearly 11 years of experience putting together the best ways for your team to stay accountable, so we put together a few tips to help you ensure the success of your team.

Share Your Master Plan

Before your team begins working on a project, share your vision with them to ensure everyone is on the same page. Providing your team an overview of your project enables them to see what the finished product will look like. This will help your team work together effectively and efficiently. Sharing your vision also allows your team to contribute more to development, prevents misunderstandings, and builds trust.

Consistent Communication

Communication establishes accountability by keeping everyone on the same page. Set times to talk with your team to confirm they are clear about their tasks; we recommend daily or weekly calls. Allow them to ask questions and confirm expectations. Consistent communication will give you confidence in your team’s progress and productivity, and has the added perk of giving your team confidence in their work.

Give Motivational Feedback

Providing feedback is an active role you can play when it comes to accountability. We hear the term constructive feedback a lot in the management world; “Constructive” implies feedback that is problem focused and helpful. Motivational feedback acknowledges positive behavior and encourages continuation. It is common to leave out the former when encountering a problem in development. We recommend holding your team accountable for both positive and negative outcomes, because striking a balance of constructive and motivational feedback will boost morale and productivity. 

Actively Handle Conflict

Handling conflict is a crucial duty in which everyone on your team should contribute. Conflict is typically caused by a lack of understanding when it comes to expectations and execution. For example, conflict is created when “what you expect to happen” and “what others expect to happen” are not the same thing. It is important to respect everyone involved by handling conflict upfront with honesty and compassion and working through the issue using the methods above.

Value Time

Time is money, and as a business professional, we know you understand this fact very well. At Allshore, we respect your time and are always willing to work with your schedule. By following the above steps, we can mutually ensure your team is best utilizing our working time together to collaboratively reach success on your tasks.

Let us know how these tips helped you uphold accountability in the comments below!


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