April 09, 2020

How Many Virtual Employees Do I Need to Build my Team?

One of the most common challenges for startup businesses is putting together the best team while maintaining costs and efficiency. A question that arises during this process is “how many people do I actually need?” Gathering sufficient employees ensures maximum productivity and efficiency and creates a successful development team, but overstaffing leads developers to boredom and makes meeting minimum hour requirements a challenge that it should not be. 

The ideal number of software developers in a team

How many developers does a team need to develop a user-friendly application with no bugs or glitches? Generally, we recommend four to ten people to build a website. Times have changed, and we are living in an advanced world where clients and end-users expect quality products that are easy and efficient. The tech market is always advancing, and user expectations are incredibly high, which is why a single developer can’t do all the work. Product development requires the talent and knowledge of more than one person.


Let’s have a look at some guidelines that can help you build a successful development team that is reliable and dedicated to the success of the project.

Hire an expert for further recruitment

It takes an expert to know an expert, therefore you need to hire someone that is very well familiarized with your project and it’s requirements. This expert should also know how to efficiently deal with issues that occur during development. Allshore provides a two support manager system to all clients that have the expertise to help build your team. 

No matter who you’re working with, an expert like this should be able to help you look at the project as a whole to figure out how many resources are required for project completion. We also recommend someone that can effectively evaluate the performance of your team and provide feedback for growth. 

Consider adding testers to your team

Experienced developers are a huge part of team success, but bottlenecks can occur when you’re under a tight deadline and your developers are responsible for testing. We often recommend a dedicated Quality Assurance team member to help streamline the development process from start to finish. 

Practice teamwork

Now that you have your team ready, it’s time to assign them tasks and ensure they perform well. Your team manager should work to create a community environment that thrives on teamwork and communication, allowing for quality results. Each team member has different skills, experience, and working style, but having them cooperate and work together can lead to great results.

Stay connected

Whether your development team is in-house or remote, communication is key to the success of your project. Constant communication within your team will help overcome barriers and prevent mistakes. Regular meetings ensure everyone is aware of project progress and provides an environment to answer questions and brainstorm ideas. 

Provide Feedback

Constructive feedback will not only help your team grow, but can also boost morale; it motivates them to do their best and achieve project goals efficiently. Regular feedback can inspire your team to remain productive and provides assurances that you are aware of their
efforts and appreciate their hard work

Maintaining appropriate staffing allows your team to feel supported and valuable, and following these guidelines will help you to manage your team effectively and ensure the success of your project. Allshore not only provides you with the quantity of employees you need to be successful, but quality of work as well. If you’re interested in working with Allshore Virtual Staffing, check out our 4 best tips to get started here!


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