May 14, 2020

How Do I Effectively Communicate My Ideas and Tasks to My Team?

As a project manager, it’s expected that your team does their best to understand and work towards your project goals. At Allshore Virtual Staffing, we provide talented and experienced developers with strong English comprehension and communication skills to help reach your goals. However, understanding doesn’t only come from minimizing cultural and language barriers; your team is reliant on you to communicate expectations and ideas to them. You play a vital role in the success of your project by conveying your vision in a way that inspires understanding.

Tips to Ensure Effective and Productive Communication

Using our 10+ years of experience, we have put together our best practices for managing an offshore team and ensure consistent and constructive communication with them.

Share Your Vision

Sharing your vision and primary goal is vital for the success of your project. “Big picture” thinking will help your team make decisions for productive workflow.

Ensure Consistent Communication

With any team, consistent, definitive communication is crucial. However, with outsourced employees in particular, you have to rely on technology to ensure efficient communication and collaboration. We recommend setting a  standard for communication before starting your project; this will set up for successful collaboration. Slack and Skype are some of the best tools out there for virtual communication. They both allow you to send direct messages, group messages, and host audio and video conferencing. They also allow image and document sharing to aid in creating clear understanding. 

Simplify Communication

Your offshore team may be from a country where English isn’t the native language and there are likely to be some barriers. To overcome any language barriers, use simple vocabulary that is easy to understand. Avoid the use of native slangs, jargon, idioms, metaphors, and other cultural references. Finally, be direct and clear about your message to the team, their assignments, and your goal.

Keep the Work Queue Full

Confirm that while every member of your team is working on their tasks, their upcoming assignments are ready for them and that they are aware of them. This way, if your team gets stuck somewhere on a project, they still have something to do. When a problem arises and your team can’t find a solution, working on something else will prevent them from wasting time and resources and give a new perspective.

Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

Micromanagement is considered a negative approach and indicates a lack of trust and is rarely beneficial. It can harm team efficiency and cause a decrease in productivity and increase in turnover. Additionally, micromanaging can limit your team’s creativity and power of innovation.

We recommend hiring a senior web developer to help manage your team. Communicating your vision to a skilled manager will not only free up your time, but also allow for seamless task flow and understanding. 

Treat Your Offshore Team Like an In-House Team

It is vital to treat your offshore team the same way you treat your in-house team. Doing so will boost morale and inspire them to work harder. It’s also important to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of your team; showing your appreciation will help solidify your professional relationship. A bonus is that it will also help create a comfortable and happy working environment for your team and ensure better product quality and results.


Effectively communicating your vision, expectations, and ideas with your team is vital. By consistently collaborating, setting the right mindset, and implementing a standard of equality you will create a successful and stable team. In turn, the talented and experienced team at Allshore will exceed your expectations and secure the success of your project.

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