November 09, 2017

How can I use team motivation to achieve project goals more quickly?

 How can I use team motivation to achieve project goals more quickly?

It’s no secret that a disengaged team means slower project turnaround and decreased quality, but how can you proactively stop this from happening? Motivation is a cornerstone of project and company success, so use these strategies for team motivation to achieve goals more efficiently and quickly.

  • Clear Instructions: This seems like a no-brainer, but often as managers we can forget important details when communicating with our teams. When you’re explaining what you need for a project, make a checklist, both for yourself and your team, of the most important goals that everyone can refer back to. Is there only one deadline, or multiple deadlines? Is one aspect of the project more urgent than another? Will team members need to work together on some parts, but alone on others? A well-defined game plan can not only make or break a project, but it also boosts the confidence of your team as they tackle tasks on their own. At the end of your explanation, check back in with everyone to ensure there’s nothing they are missing to get started.
  • Company Culture: All companies have a unique culture, but not all are well understood or helpful to employees. Company culture is made of simple everyday interactions, and these have a huge effect on your team. Work with your HR department to come up with ideas to create a welcoming and communicative company culture. Additionally, this is a great area to encourage team activities both in and outside of the workplace. Schedule a monthly happy hour, or create a wellness program for your employees. Keeping everyone engaged in the company will mean that project engagement also gets a boost.
  • Feedback and Trust: In order to improve, everyone needs feedback. Sometimes we only give feedback when something goes wrong, but the power of positive affirmation when a team member accomplishes something great is invaluable. Did they take it upon themselves to put the latest weekly report in a new and easy-to-read format? Thank that person for their hard work and extra care as soon as possible. When employees know that they are on the right track and their efforts are being noticed, they are more likely to continue putting more energy into the projects and tasks. Additionally, this feedback will build trust between you and your team, boosting confidence in their own abilities. When you can trust your team to handle more tasks on their own, you also save time and project deadlines can be tackled more quickly.
  • Incentives: Everyone loves a gift now and then. While monetary rewards are always an easy favorite, small and inexpensive items can also show great appreciation. Did the team recently tackle a major deadline with success? What about taking everyone out to lunch, or getting them small individualized gifts with a personal note? Whatever your approach, mix it up from time to time so that each incentive continues to feel like a special reward for great job done.

Taking the extra care to keep your team engaged can work wonders for employee satisfaction and productivity. Examine what you’re currently doing for your team and add strategies as needed.


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