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When looking for top .NET talent, there is no better choice than Allshore Virtual Staffing! To hire a dedicated developer from us, all you need is a job description. Our team works hard to help you find the ideal person for the job. We work with remote experts from all over the globe and match them with clients according to their skills.

Our Exclusive Network of .NET Developers

Farooq T.
Availability: January 26, 2021 | Years Experience: 2 | Hourly Rate: $18.00
Wajahat A.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 5 | Hourly Rate: $24.00
Ehtisham A.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 7.5 | Hourly Rate: $25.00
Raza M.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 8 | Hourly Rate: $23.00
Salman R.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 4 | Hourly Rate: $22.00
Zeeshan S.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 4.5 | Hourly Rate: $21.00
Faisal E.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 4.5 | Hourly Rate: $20.00
Moeez A.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 10 | Hourly Rate: $24.00

How Allshore Works

Discuss Your Needs with Our President
Allshore’s President is here to help you get started. He will discuss your specific needs, technical requirements, and preferences and offer a solution to meet your needs.
Allow Us to Find Your Perfect Match
Based on your needs, we will vet and specially select a quality resource for you to interview.
Work with Your New .NET Developer
Once you’ve been paired with the right fit, your team member will begin working directly with you. Allshore offers a complimentary trial period to provide a risk-free start.

Allshore Lets You Hire With Success

Short-term, Month-to-Month Contracts
Allshore offers short-term, month-to-month contracts that allow our clients flexibility and no long-term commitment!
Your Contractors
Our developers are not freelancers, they’re your full-time contractors and will be solely dedicated to your projects.
U.S.-based Contracts and Billing
Our agreements are based on U.S. business laws and are upheld in U.S. courts. This means you, your project, and your data are always protected!
American Customer Support
Allshore has a stateside support team available to help with any questions or issues our clients face.
U.S. Business Hours
Your team works when you're working, allowing for instant communication through text chat, voice calls, or video calls!
English Communication
We keep it simple, and all in English. All of our employees go through a rigorous interview process, including communication interviews, to assess their vocal and written English abilities.

Why Companies Choose AllShore

Why Companies Choose AllShore



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    To hire a .NET programmer, all you have to do is give us a list of requirements. We use all the available information and resources to help you hire .net developers best fitted for your project. Before speaking with applicants, you can ask our specialists any questions to get as much information as possible about your future team members.

    At Allshore, we make hiring developers easy, allowing you to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

    Why Hire .NET Developer from Us

    When you are looking to outsource a development project or a part of it, it can be tough to find the right candidate. To hire dot NET developers, you may need to spend weeks sifting through a huge variety of available applicants. Meanwhile, your project can be put on hold.

    To keep the pressure off your team members, you can speed up the hiring process. That’s where Alllshore comes in. Here are several simple reasons why you may want to hire a dedicated net developer from us.

    1. Speed

    We have years of experience hiring .NET developers from all over the world. Over time, we’ve created a formidable database of candidates of all skill levels. When you decide to hire a .NET programmer, all you have to do is give us a call. Our team will look at your requirements and match you with the right candidate as soon as possible.

    All our candidates go through a rigorous selection process. By the time you contact us, we already know which applicants can be a good match.

    2. Top-Notch Developers

    When you decide to hire .NET programmers offshore, it may be tough to find the right candidates. We work with a large pool of offshore applicants to give you access to the best specialists in the industry.

    Since we’ve done the selection for you, all you need to do is see if you are comfortable working with the candidate. The hiring process can take less than an hour.

    3. Cost Efficiency

    Candidates we work with have reasonable rates. If you choose to hire an offshore .NET developer, you can expect to find lower rates than U.S. developers charge. Meanwhile, the quality of work doesn’t suffer. All our applicants are ready to work during U.S. business hours and speak excellent English.

    By hiring .NET developers from us, you are getting a valuable addition to your team at a reasonable price.

    What Our .Net Developers Can Do

    When you hire a dot NET programmer from us, you can expect them to have the right skills to work on your particular projects. While different developers may have different levels of expertise, we are ready to find a candidate suitable for your individual needs. That’s why we work hard to create a formidable database of applicants in advance.

    Many of our .NET developers are at a senior level. They have expertise in building comprehensive solutions for different platforms and high-quality software customized for your needs.

    Our .NET programmers work on all types of apps, from desktop and mobile to web and cross-platform. They are ready to start working at any stage of your development project, from design to maintenance. Even if your development project is already underway, you can hire a dedicated .NET developer to take over a variety of duties.

    If you are just starting a .NET development project, our programmers can provide:

    •         Analysis – analyze your requirements and suggest the best architectural solution and a plan for project realization and implementation.
    •         Design – turn your specs and requirements into a plan.
    •         Development – front and back-end development
    •         Testing – testing the project at each development stage
    •         Deployment – help deploy the product
    •         Support – support the product for as long as necessary

    You can choose which services you need the .NET developer to provide. Each one of our applicants can become an integral part of your development team.

    Whenever you are ready to hire a .NET developer, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always ready to simplify the hiring process for you.