Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Associate Team Lead
Department: .NET
Experience: 5.5 Years
Education: Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 2.5 Years

Yasir A.

Yasir’s quiet and friendly nature has made him well liked around the office. His client had great praise for him. “Yasir has been a great asset to our team since day one.  We have developed a superior sales application for a customer in the insurance industry, and Yasir has been a key player in all aspects of the design and development.  He always gives it his all and communicates clearly with our team and meets or exceeds expectations at all turns.  This project that is continuing after one and a half years couldn’t be as successful without his help.”

Babar Z., Yasir’s Team Lead, said: “If I am inspired from any team member it is Yasir. How he has managed and balanced his personal life and work is extraordinary. He does justice to his work and proved that he is a key person in his team. He has earned the Associate Team Lead position because of his awesome performance. He is very cooperative, humble and is always ready to help others. Yasir has many qualities and I appreciate his contribution to his work.”

 We checked in with Yasir to talk with him about work and his life.

So, let’s start with why you chose a career in development
Well, I did programming at my high school and one of my teachers really encouraged me to join this field. So now, I am in this field and I love and enjoy it!!

What thoughts do you have about your time with the company?
Previously, I hadn’t worked with clients through direct communication. After I joined Datum/Allshore, I had my first experience of interacting directly with my client. I love the model we work with and I have learned lot of new technologies during this time. I am happy to say that Datum has got some real gems in its policies, like giving a bonus on completing one year with your client, the Employee Excellence Award, a bonus after completing 5000 billing hours, and more that other companies don’t have.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?
I have done two types of education: Islamic and traditional. Until now I am engaged with my Islamic education. I don’t have much time to get involved in a hobby, but I like reading books a lot and watching documentaries. I also like playing games to strengthen my mind and body.

What type of books and documentaries do you enjoy?
In books, I mostly like the Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh). As for documentaries, I like ones that are history and technology related.

Will you tell us about your family?
I have two brothers, and I am between them in age. I also have one sister who is married and has four kids, and my mother died of cancer two years ago. I got married during the same month that I joined Datum/Allshore. My wife is a traditional housewife and takes care of our home. I have one sweet little princess who is nearly two years old. She resembles her mother more than me.

What do you and your family enjoy doing together in your free time?

I live a little far from my home and I visit every weekend. We enjoy living together and sometimes go for outings. Recently we went to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah pilgrimage and also visited many holy places there. I am a travel enthusiast and like to visit beautiful and historic places.

What places do you hope to travel in the future?
I have visited many places in Pakistan with my friends, and would like to visit Saudi Arabia again for the Hajj pilgrimage. I will visit all the beautiful places of the world as soon as I get the chance.

So what is your favorite: color, food, and season of the year?
My favorite color is sky blue, I love cold and rainy weather, and my favorite food is bhindi (okra).


Yasir earned his Masters from the International Islamic University in Islamabad, and has five and a half years of IT development experience. If Yasir had a super power, he would be the ruler of the world and would promote peace and happiness.