Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Associate Team Lead
Department: .NET
Experience: 14 Years
Education: Masters in E-Commerce
Time with Allshore: 1.5 Years

Waheed M.

After one and a half years with our company, Waheed has made a name for himself.

Waheed’s client, Food Service Solutions, is highly impressed with his work and told us: “Waheed was initially added to the team for a short term project that needed immediate attention.  Once he worked through that, we couldn’t let go of him that quickly like we had first thought. His work was extremely thorough and he nailed every step of the project to near perfection, and that’s happened multiple times over the past couple months.  Now, almost a full year later, Waheed is still part of the team and going strong.   He’s particularly well adapted to the more modern software architectures and brings tremendous value to the table.”

Babar, Waheed’s Team Lead said: “He is a person with many qualities: very humble, hard working, dedicated and funny. Waheed is a person who proved himself as a developer by bringing new strategies to the table. At the same he always brings smiles to coworker’s faces by sharing funny stories during break time. He’s an easygoing person, and doesn’t argue about anything. With his always above the line attitude, Waheed has earned Consistent Excellence Award and recently got promoted to an Associate Team Lead position. I admire his dedication to excellence and tireless contribution.”

181201_3132010995903_384671018_nWe chatted with Waheed to learn more about him and his life.

Let’s start with a little background information about you. Where and when did you receive your college education?

I got all my early education in my hometown of Multan. I earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science after my Pre-Engineering degree. I received these from Bahauddin Zakariya University, which is affiliated with Petroman College. Then I completed a 6-month degree from the International Islamic University in Islamabad. I came back to Multan and there I started my first job in 2000. I got admission to Bahauddin Zarakriya University and took evening classes along with my job. I got a Masters degree in E-Commerce in 2004. Then I moved to Islamabad for a job as a .NET Software Developer in 2006. After spending one year there, I joined a company called Blackstone Technologies in Lahore and worked there until I joined DatumSquare in December 2012.

So what are your thoughts about working with Allshore/Datum/Zepcom overall?

Quite honestly, this is a great company and one of the best companies I have ever worked for. That is why I am still here after one and half years even though the work hours don’t suit me. I like the environment and many other things. The client I am working with is very good and suits my nature of work. I am happy here so.

What is your favorite: color, food, and movie?

I like different colors on different things, but overall I like blue the most. I am 90% non-vegetarian and like to eat fish, quail, chicken, beef, and mutton. I eat very few vegetables. I don’t watch movies with much interest, and it is very difficult for me to watch a whole movie in one sitting. I mostly like watching talk shows. I also like to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show. She has a great sense of humor, and I like her manly haircut and dress. She is always very kind to her guests and the audience, and I also like that she gives prizes and surprises to the guests and the audience. 

IMG0559AWhat do you like to do in your free time? Any personal hobbies or interests?

I like to spend time with my family. I spend most of the time at home with my wife. After every 3rd or 4th weekend we go to visit my family in my hometown Multan. Sometimes we make plans to visit Islamabad and the surrounding mountain hills.

Do you enjoy being outside in nature?

I like it very much. I like to hunt doves, but it has been nearly two years since I have gone hunting. I like the wildlife that I see on National Geographic and Discovery.

So, tell us about your wife.

She loves me a lot. She was my classmate, and has the same degrees that I have. She is very experienced in Search Engine Optimization. She works as a freelancer in her spare time.


Waheed has 14 years of work experience and started his career as a Software Tester. He then started working in .NET in 2003 soon after the first launch of the .NET suit by Microsoft. He hasn’t traveled outside of Pakistan yet, but he plans to move to Australia and some day live in America for a while as well.