Featured Team Member

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Designation: Principal Software Engineer
Department: .NET
Experience: 5 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: Over 7 Months

Usman F.

With a penchant for jokes and a love of laughter, Usman can liven up any conversation. His client said: “Usman has always stepped up to the challenge with any project he has been given. He has a strong technical grasp of how to carry out projects and is a team player, willing to help out when he is called upon. He is a strong asset to the team.”

One of Usman’s Team Leads, Ali H., told us: “Usman joined us about six months back and started over a complex project for our biggest client. From day one, his positive attitude and determination not only proved he is a worthy choice, but also made him an important part of our team. He has effectively understood the project and worked on challenging tasks, making his client happy with his performance. Besides work, he is a bubbly individual with a smiling face, and is one of those guys who keeps the environment lively. I’m happy to have you on my team, buddy; you have bright future ahead!”

We decided to chat with this jokester and find out all about his life and his passions.


So Usman, tell us a little about what you like to do in your free time!

In my free time I improve myself in areas where I feel I am weak. Normally, it’s related to my technical skill, but I also try to improve myself as a human being. When I’m at work I like to joke with others and listen to their jokes.
What are some example of ways that you try to improve yourself?
For example, when I’m assigned a new task, and feel that I am technically weak in that area, I study at home to overcome my weakness. A few days ago, I was assigned a task related to test automation, and I have not done much in that area before. I studied at home and improved myself in that area, and collected some resources on the topic. Normally I use video lectures and books, and get help from those.
What got you interested in I.T. and establishing a career from it?
Honestly, when I was in school I was not a fan of computers at all. I never ever thought that I would choose Computer Science as my career. It was my brother who pushed me to join this field. At the start I was very uncomfortable, but after a year or two I started enjoying programming. When I was leaving university, I was a big fan of Java and from then on I chose programming as my career for the future.
Is your brother a developer as well then?
No, he is a doctor. Actually, he didn’t want two doctors in the same home and wanted me to choose a different field. Computer Science was an emerging field then, and so he chose that.
Do you have any other siblings?
Yes, we have a big family. I’m the youngest of five brothers and three sisters. I’m the only one who is currently unmarried, but I’ve seen the condition of my siblings who are. They’re in more trouble than I am. Life becomes more difficult as it passes, and the coming phases are full of responsibilities that previous ones did not have.
So, what do you and all your family like to do together for fun?
We are a very happy family. We all live together in one home, including my siblings and their kids. We have a lot of fun when we are together.
5What type of things do you do together?
Usually we all get together for lunch and dinner, and then we pick one person out of the group to tease. Then the next day, we choose another person and do the same to him. It’s not decided ahead of time who gets made fun of, but it’s whoever does something foolish and gets caught. We don’t miss that opportunity to make him our target. It’s our day to day activity and we all enjoy it. We also go outside for picnics and dinners.
Tell us a fact about yourself that would surprise people.
I can sing little bit, though I mostly sing in the bathroom.
If you could have a superhero power, what would you choose?
I would choose a brilliant mind. If I could have that, then I could get all the other powers as well.
What are three words that you would use to describe yourself?
I’d say I’m a hard worker, very calm (I am not an angry bird at all), and a bit funny.
And if a friend or family member were to use three words to describe you, what do you think they would use?
They’d probably say I’m lazy, a miser, and funny!
Do you have a favorite: color, food, or movie?
I like the color black, my favorite food is rice, and I like the movie Lagaan. It’s an Indian movie that was Oscar nominated as well.

Constantly improving his skills, Usman works hard to impress his client all while having fun with his team. We’re happy to have this accomplished and dedicated .NET ace with our company, and look forward to a great future with him!