Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Associate Team Lead
Department: .NET
Experience: 9 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: Almost 2 Years

Umer F.

A hard working and independent thinker, Umer is known as an all-around awesome developer in the office. Umer’s client, Wesley, told us: “In my time spent working with Umer F., I have found that he possesses excellent project planning skills. I have also been impressed by his well-rounded understanding of business processes, and his ability to implement theory of a process into an application. Umer has proven that he can provide top notch work by thinking outside of the box and using the latest technology to accomplish tasks.”

RK, Umer’s Team Lead, had this to say about his coworker: “I can’t find the appropriate words to commend Umer’s performance. The professionalism and brilliance he has portrayed over the years, has impressed us and our clients. He is one of the best Allshore has to offer. Given a complex problem, Umer has a rare enviable ability to find a simple solution. Tested under duress with so many clients and projects, Umer came out like a shining star. You have a promising future with this company, Umer. God bless you.”

We decided to chat with Umer to get to know him a bit more.

2014-04-21 15.31Tell us about your schooling, specifically college and any degrees you may have.
My schooling has always in private institutions and I never got a chance to study in government institutions. I got admission in a school that specialized in Computer Sciences, and I was extremely excited since I had always liked computers. Afterwards, I got admission in a Bachelors program and majored in Computers. In addition to my degree, I have a couple of programming diplomas as well. My most recent diploma is in entrepreneurship that I earned in 2010. After that I became busy and started doing major family projects like constructing a house.
So why did you choose a career in IT? What got you started?
When I was in school and looking to enroll in college as an accountant, since most of my relatives are accountants, I bought a PC and got admission in a programming class. I instantly became interested in IT. I created a mobile application back in 2004 that let users download wallpapers, and that application became famous. That was when I decided to have a career in IT instead of becoming an accountant.
What is your favorite thing about your office?
My office is clean and colorful; it’s a joy to work here. Apart from that, everyone here is super awesome and supportive. It’s like I’ve already know everyone for ages.
Best of all, people’s talent are recognized, which is something extremely rare in Pakistan’s technology houses.

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learned while on the job?
Time management. I have always valued time since it passes away and can’t be stopped. This job gave me the means to perfect this habit and now I can manage my time down to the minute, not only in the office but also in my life.

Tell us about your family Umer.

My Father is a Corporate Consultant and a member of many multinational organizations like Deloitte. My brother is the Chief Financial Officer at the French Embassy here in Pakistan. Both of them are my inspiration for life. I recently got married and we don’t have any kids yet, but my other half and I have started planning for it.

What do you and your family like to do together in your free time?

We often go out to spend some quality time together, as we barely get time to be with each other during the week. My sister and I sometimes do experiments with food to invent new flavors. My brother has a great interest in bonsai gardening and I sometimes help him with that. My father often talks about his accomplishments in his life and, he encourages me to take calculated and constructive risks in my career and life as it is the only way to give a life a meaningful purpose. I cherish the quality time that I get to spend with my family, and I try to make those moments as memorable as possible.

IMG_20140521_132954What do you like to do in your own free time? Personal hobbies/interests?

I’m a huge fan of PC games and motorsports. I spend more than 15 hours a week with my friends playing video games such as Metal Gear Solid, the Battle Field series, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, the Resident Evil series, Far Cry, Watch Dog, and more. When I’m not gaming, I spend time in my car on the road with my friends. More than 30% of my friends are from Lahore, and I often go to Lahore or my pals to Islamabad and we hang out.

Umer’s favorite book is The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard. If he could have any super power it would be the power to control peoples minds like Charles Xavier from X-Men. His favorite movies are Die Hard 4 and Swordfish. He’d like to travel to Skardu in the mountains, because he loves winter weather and it is often cold and snowy there.