Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Principal Software Engineer
Department: .NET
Experience: 5 Years and 4 Months
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science with Honors
Time with Allshore: 1 Year and 4 Months

Sheeraz R.

A competitive hard worker, Sheeraz gives his all to help his client. RK, Sheeraz’s former Team Lead told us, “Sheeraz is an enormously lively member of my team, and he is fun to work with. He takes a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and that makes his client love him. He always comes up with bright ideas in his work, and even better ways to implement those ideas, which helps his client enhance their productivity. I wish him good luck in his future with our company.”

Sheeraz’s current Team Lead, Qasim, had great things to say about him. “Sheeraz is a very hard working and devoted developer. I can safely say that when he is in the office, work is his first and foremost priority. He is always open to learning new technologies. Sheeraz is technically strong, with outstanding problem solving skills. Other than work, he is a very good table tennis player; I teamed up with him once and we won an official tournament. I see a very bright future for Sheeraz.” 

We checked in with Sheeraz to learn more about him and his work.




Let’s start with your education, and what made you decide to pursue a career in web development.
Actually, I was interested in being a mechanical engineer and I have a pre-engineering background. My mother used to say that I should join Computer Sciences though, so I got admission to the Punjab University College of Information Technology and I was at top of the list there. When I got admission, I didn’t have a computer with me at my house and I used to complete my assignments and computer related tasks in the university lab. I got scholarship in my first semester and I bought my first computer with that amount. Later, on the basis of my grades, the university gave me a concession in university dues. I completed my degree and I selected programming and software engineering as my major subjects.
So, what is your favorite thing about working with our company?
I love to work here because of its excellent environment and good team members. I like everything here that has been provided by Allshore: our office location, a calm place, and a well-organized office with different facilities.
Do you participate in office events such as table tennis, cricket matches, etc.?
I participate in the ping-pong matches. I started playing table tennis here and won the doubles ping-pong tournament. I give a tough time to my competitors. Every time I play, I try to play the best competitors to improve my skill.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients in guiding and maintaining successful business relationships?
Transparency and honesty are the key ingredients in my opinion. When we try to keep them with us, everything will go smoothly in a successful business relationship. I found these are keys that are being applied at Allshore.
What is your favorite framework to work with inside of .NET technologies?
I have equal experience in working with Windows based applications and web based applications. I am striving to better myself at web development and in my free time I study new technologies.
Tell us about your family! Married, kids?
Yes, I am married, and my wife has a degree in Psychology. We have a daughter and she is two and half years old. It’s all about my family for me.
FTM6What do you like to do in your free time with your family?
On the weekends I spend my whole day with my family. I used to help out my wife with cooking. She is a perfect cook and tries different dishes on the weekends. I love to eat everything that she cooks, and my list of my favorite dishes is long. Vegetable rice with chicken cubes, olives, and mushrooms, I love to eat that. We usually have BBQ on the weekend and I love to do that. I play with my daughter and she tells me about everything that she learned during the week. We go on an outing on Sundays, I used to take my daughter to Play Land.

Have you ever traveled to any interesting places? Where do you hope to travel to next?

Yes, I have travelled to hill towns in the northern areas of Pakistan. I also have a plan to visit Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage with family in next year.

What is your favorite: color, movie, and restaurant?

My favorite colors are blue, black, and brown. I like to eat at the Arcadian Café, Chhintalia Café, and Burger King. My favorite movies are Avatar and The Avengers.



Sheeraz would love to play the role of a spy in a movie, like 007. His favorite quote is “Be the best you can be.” His hobbies are cooking, especially barbeques, playing computer games, and watching movies.