Featured Team Member

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Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: 7 Years
Education: Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 1 Year and 6 Months

Shahid A.

A curious and skilled programmer, Shahid certainly knows his way around a computer. His knowledge of programming has greatly impressed his client. “We consider Shahid a valued member of our team. His ability to code object-oriented PHP & LAMP-based plugins within our custom Content Management System allows him to work on our most VIP of clientele. Our lead U.S. Programmer who has worked with our firm over 6 years regularly compliments Shahid’s code. Shahid’s even written core program changes to our proprietary CMS, and our CEO relies on his talent daily. We are honored to call him a full time team member.”

His Team Lead, Junaid A, had only great things to say. “Shahid is one of the key players in my team. He loves to learn new technologies and always tries to improve his communication skills. He has been doing an awesome job for his client and has impressed them with his task management and technical skills. He is a supportive hardworking guy, and a team player. He has been working on multiple projects simultaneously for his client, and they depend on him as they know he is capable of doing complex tasks and is able to produce quality work for them. I love the way he is proving himself in our company and being a part of our business model. I am really proud of way he is putting all of his efforts on his client’s project and aiming to help better our company.”shahid5

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I’m from Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab. It is situated in the middle of Pakistan.

What degree(s) do you have?

I received my Masters in Computer Science from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad in 2010. NUML is actually right in front of our Islamabad office!

What made you choose to go into Computer Sciences?

I chose Computer Science because one of my uncles got his degree in this field and I was always impressed with him. Whenever I saw him programming I would sit with him in my spare time, just to know what programming was and how computers actually work. Although I didn’t know anything about computers in those days, I learned a lot from him.

So how long have you been working as a web developer?

I started working as a web developer while getting my Masters Degree in 2009. I had worked as an ASP.NET developer, but after two years I switched to PHP.

Why did you decide to switch?

I was a very good ASP.NET programmer, but one of my friends who was a PHP developer told me that PHP was more popular in Pakistan. It’s also easier and faster to work with PHP as compared to ASP.NET. So he convinced me to switch.

So what do you enjoy most about working as a web developer?

I like to learn new things in regards to programming, and whenever I do the same kind of work for a long time I get bored. Whenever I have some time, I enjoy learning new features in programming, as well as trying to learn other languages. That’s how I found my love of Java programming. It’s very important to stay up to date on your skills in this field. If you stop learning new things you would be wasting your skills because technologies change every few years.

What is the most valuable thing that you’ve learned through your working experiences?

During my work experience I have learned many things, like working hard is the key for success and how to manage your work, not only in the office but at home as well. When I was at my university most of the time I would get to class late, but since I joined Allshore/Datum I learned the importance of time management. The most important thing I learned, though, is communication. If you are not great at communicating, you can’t achieve your goals.

What would you say are some of your strongest non-technical skills?

I am usually a quick learner, so when I put my mind to learning something new, I focus a lot of my time and concentration on that.

shahid6What types of sports and entertainment to do you like?

In sports, I like cricket. I played club level cricket at one point. Now whenever I get some spare time I enjoy watching cricket on TV. I also play table tennis as well and have participated in team table tennis matches here at work.

So what type of movies or TV shows are your favorite to watch?

I enjoy watching Pakistani dramas and suspense and action movies. A movie I really like is Taken, but Angelina Jolie’s movie Salt is my favorite.

What are some other personal interests or hobbies you may have?

I like taking long drives and since my hometown is almost 700 km away from Islamabad this gives me a great opportunity to do so when return for a visit. I also enjoy bike and car racing, and actually participated in bike racing when I was younger. My hobbies are to visit old and historical places and read up on their histories. When I have spare time, I enjoy developing Android apps as well!

Can you tell us a little about your family?

I have four brothers and one sister and I’m the eldest brother. I got married in 2012 and now I have one little girl, she’s four months old, and is my princess.

Where have you traveled to, and where do you hope to travel next?

I have traveled to many places in Pakistan such as Derawar Fort and the Khewra Salt Mines. My next visit would be to the Ziarat/Quaid residency.

So what is your favorite: color, room in your house, and food?

My favorite colors are pink and black. The TV room is my favorite room because I love to watch cricket and football matches. My favorite dishes are the dessert Ras Malai and Chinese Rice. I also like fish recipes that my Mom cooks for me. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention chocolate ice-cream.


With all his knowledge and experience it seems like Shahid is a programming jack-of-all-trades. He even developed a software whose main feature was to be able to move a computer mouse with your eyes. The idea was to develop a software for people who have a hand handicap and wanted to use a computer mouse. Is there anything he can’t do? He told us, “Well the IT industry is very big, therefore I can’t say I am master in all technologies. I just love to learn new things.”