Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Sales Executive
Department: Sales
Experience: More than five years
Education: Bachelors in Telecommunications
Time with Allshore: Almost two years

Sam R.

A bit of a joker, Sam is passionate about his job and family. Allshore’s Director of Business Development and Sam’s supervisor, Brian Michael, told us: “Sam is one of the more dedicated and hard working professionals I know.  He is incredibly resourceful and is able to anticipate potential roadblocks, and offer a solution, before the problem ever occurs.  He doesn’t seem to ever say ‘no’ or ‘I can’t,’ and it is my pleasure to have worked with Sam since joining Allshore.” 

Alex, Sam’s Sales Manager, had this to say about Sam and his work: “Sam has a sharp eye and mind for searching effectively through the web for different types of leads. Mix that with a good sense of humor and you’ve got Sam. Sam has been very helpful in turning prospects into big clients. He also is great with his fellow workers and has been helpful with the new employees. He usually acts as my sidekick in carrying out day-to-day tasks and understands the needs and requirements of different situations.”


So Sam, tell us a little about yourself!

I was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. My father was working with the American Consulate and we used to live in the consulate housing. I got my education up to the intermediate level from the Saudi International School. In Saudi Arabia, they allow foreigners to study up to the intermediate standard and then they have to move abroad for further studies. I lived there for 19 years and then came back to Pakistan, where I enrolled in a university in Lahore. I later got married, now have kids, and work here. 

How was life living in consulate housing? Where there any experiences that made growing up there a little different?

We lived in a diverse community among people from different nations, and had a lot of chances to learn about different cultures. Life in Saudi Arabia was great, but maybe that’s because I was born there.

What university did you enroll in and did you earn any degrees?

I enrolled in the University of South Asia for my Bachelors in Telecommunications, which I finally completed a couple of years ago after studying for a very long time.

What does a Bachelors in Telecom consist of?

It was a trend that came to Pakistan about a decade ago, and a lot of students enrolled in it. Now apparently no one cares about it. It’s somewhere between the electrical and software fields.

So how did you get involved with Sales?

I started my first job, while I was still studying, with an American cab dispatching company here in Islamabad. I was soon promoted to the shift supervisor and have been working in related jobs since then. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy research related to my job, and here we have to find a lot of details about different prospects, and that’s a fun thing to do.

And how many total years of experience do you have in sales?

I have a little over five years experience.

So, in your opinion, what are the key ingredients in guiding and maintaining successful business relationships?

You need communication, compromise, and pro-activeness. The same goes for a married couple too.

Tell us about your family. What do you all like to do together for fun?
I live with my wife and two kids, a son and a young daughter. My young brother also lives with me. On weekends, or even on weekdays whenever I get some free time, I always try to get all of us in my car and just get out of the house. We like to wander around the city for no reason!

Sam againDo you have any personal hobbies or interests you partake in?
I try to get all my friends together every now and then and just have fun.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where were you choose?
I’ve already been to Mecca and Medina, which usually is a first priority to go to, but I’d love to visit there once again. Also my elder brother has been in Arizona for a long time and it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so I’d love to pay him a visit. Maybe some day I can.

What are three things you never leave home without?
I don’t leave without my wife, son, and daughter. Well, I try not to.

If you could have one super hero power, what would it be and why?
If I could go back in time to when things we consider very important these days were not so important. I’d go there, and would of course take the three people with me whom I try to never leave home without.

If Sam could play a part in a movie, he’d like to be a voice actor. He doesn’t have a favorite sport, but likes light colors and his favorite restaurant is Habibi. Sam’s favorite quote is “Time and tide wait for no man.”