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Designation: UI/UX Designer and Developer
Department: Front-end
Experience: About 7 Years
Education: Certified Graphic and Web Designer, Pursuing his Bachelor's Degree
Time with Allshore: 4 Months

Salman A.

Salman joined the Karachi office, and has impressed several clients since he started. Salman’s current client, Tom, the CEO of Loring Inc., told us “Salman has been a great addition to our distributed team for 4 months now. Not only is his work pixel perfect, but his communication is first rate. We feel that we can always rely on Salman to get the project done on time and look forward to a long relationship.”

Ryan, the lead developer with Loring Inc., said: “We had been looking for a strong front end developer for a while when we were introduced to Salman, he quickly became our go to guy for all of our front end work.  He completes complex projects amazingly fast with perfect accuracy, and has been the perfect addition to our remote team.”

We had a chat with Salman to learn more about his life and his time with Allshore.

So, to start off with, tell us about your education.
I earned a degree in Graphic and Web Designing and Commerce. I paid for my own tuition because my family’s financial status was not very strong. I have worked very hard to achieve what I want to. I worked two jobs and also did freelance from home. My family has supported me a lot to help me achieve what I have so far, especially my mom and dad!

36491_311717938946094_305476880_nHow long have you been in the IT industry?

Well, when I was in school, I loved computer classes and after school I practice what I learned at home too, to learn faster. As a professional though, I have been in this industry since December 2007.
Is that why you decided to have a career in IT? Because you loved computers?
Yes, that’s right but as I said I my family financial status was not very strong so I have done many other jobs before starting this career.

So tell us a little about your time working with the company so far.

Well, working with Allshore/Zepcom I’ve had a wonderful time. I already had worked with outsourcing company, so I love this model. But I am very impressed with the policies and infrastructure of Allshore/Zepcom.

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learned while at the company so far?
I have learned that expert skills and hard work are not only the keys to success, but good communication skills are also needed. For that and I am thankful to Allshore/Zepcom that they have this type of policy so you can communicate with your Client Relations Manager, Team Lead, and client directly.

Tell us about yourself. What are your personal hobbies and interests?
Well, I am married and have two baby boys. I really do not have hobbies but I usually love to play with my babies and love to buy lots of toys for them, though mostly I play with those toys. I love to scuba dive, swim, and do cycling. I also like to go on long drives and go out to dinner and parties with my wife. I have interest in photography and whenever I will the chance I will go skydiving.

20130425_214552So, tell us a little more about your wife and children.

My wife is Burmese national and we got married for love. We were in a relationship for about three years, and then we decided to get married. Our first boy is one year and nine months old, and our second boy was recently born. He is now two months old.

Who does most of the cooking in your family?
Well, my mom and my wife both cook, and I help them if I am in the mood to cook.
They both are very good cooks, and my mom’s cooking is famous in my whole family. My wife is also a very good cook, and she loves to try new things. My mom is a superstar to me, and my wife is the best wife to me.

Tell us your favorite: book, movie, and color.
Well, my favorite book is “How to Talk With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” by Larry King.  My favorite movies are the Mr. Bean movies, and my favorite color is black.
I like black because it is a color that hides everything. It is a very secretive color.

If Salman could spend his whole life doing one thing, it would be to travel the world and visit historical places. He has traveled to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, as well as Myanmar (Burma), and had a wonderful time on both trips.