Featured Team Member

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Designation: Network Administrator
Department: IT
Experience: 13 Years
Education: Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: Over 3 Years

Raheel Q.

Raheel Q. has been with the Lahore office IT Support Department for over three years, and has become known as a reliable worker.


Asad M, Raheel’s manager, had wonderful things to say: “Raheel Q. is one of our network team members who has been with the company since I started. His good network skills and nice attitude helped him earn a top place in our Lahore network team. His great abilities helped us a lot in starting the Lahore office and he built the network there from scratch. Apart from managing the networks at Lahore he also helps us manage our cloud servers. He is always available for network issues and help in any area where he is required. Raheel is a very dependable guy and it is my pleasure to have him on my team.”


Ahmed L., a manager who works with Raheel in Lahore, said, “Raheel Q is one of the most hardworking guys we have. He is always available to help any time. He helps me run many operational functionalities and I fully trust his abilities. He is the kind of person you can count on.” Nabeel, another manager, praised Raheel by saying: “Ricky is a hardworking, honest and very thorough person. He is truly an expert in the way he performs his tasks and wants to make sure things are to our satisfaction. I never had to instruct him more than twice. I just give him task and he makes it happen. He is a genie in Datumsquare.”


We met up with Raheel to learn more about him.


So tell us about your time with Allshore.
I am honored and proud to be a part of Allshore.  I love working with everyone. Frankly speaking, this is my career’s best time. This is the only job in which I have learned so many new techniques.
How do you feel about working with American clients? Any specific struggles or rewards with working with people from the U.S?
In my 3 year career with Allshore, most of the time I found them very kind and cooperative. They only want solutions and the truth.
Have you worked with local clients before you started with our company?
Yes, I worked in ISP as a System Support Supervisor.
Have you noticed any major differences between working with local clients and international ones?
Yes, local clients were rude to us when they didn’t get a solution right away. Here at Allshore we always find our clients calm and cooperative which helps us to provide them real solutions. At Allshore, the biggest plus is teamwork, which is not available here in our local jobs.

So, tell me about your family.
After work, I do only one thing: spend time with my son. I take my family out almost every weekend, and when I am home I make sure I am giving my complete attention to my family. My son is three years old, and my wife and I have been married for six years. She is a beautician and a social worker who loves to teach poor kids for free. We met 13 years ago and got married for love. 

What do you like to do with your family on the weekends?
We go to parks, play areas, get late night ice cream, and sometimes get dinner at a famous place. My family is my world.

Do you have any hobbies that you like to do?
Yes, I am a good cricket player and love to take part in it. I like to watch history and adventure based movies like Vertical limit, Patriot, and Gladiator. Gladiator is my favorite movie so far.

Do you play in the cricket matches with others in the company?
Yes, I am the part of the team and always take part in the outside work entertainment activities. In fact, I am member of the organizing committee.

SAM_6536What is your favorite: color, food, and type of music?
My favorite color is green, because it’s my wife’s eye color. My favorite food is rice, and my favorite music is traditional folk and pop.

Do you have any fun nicknames?
Reeelo is my mother’s name for me. Ricky is my nickname at work, and I really like it.

What is the best thing you have ever bought for yourself? Your favorite item?
Well, I don’t have an item that I would say is the best. I love humans not things, so I would say my son.

What is the best advice you have ever received from someone?
Speak truth and accept your mistakes.


Raheel received his education in the city of Gujrat, which is his hometown. His brother encouraged him to join the IT field, and so Raheel earned his Masters in Computer Science with a specialization in Networking. He also has a Bachelors in Humanities. If Raheel could travel anywhere in the world, he would like to go to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage, and to Europe because he loves history.