Featured Team Member

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Designation: Network Administrator
Department: IT
Experience: 3 and a half years
Education: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Time with Allshore: 1 year and 3 months

Naveed R.

A guy who loves to learn and be active, Naveed has impressed his client for over a year now. Naveed’s client told us: “It’s great to have someone like Naveed that you can assign a list of tasks and have those tasks completed in a time efficient manner. He is good about communicating any issues to get them resolved as soon as possible. We are glad he is part of our team.”

Naveed’s Team Lead, Asad M. had this to say about his team member: “Naveed has been working with his client for a year now. He is CCNA certified and is known as the Cisco guy on our network team. Everyone consults him about Cisco related issues. He is very punctual and has won the Employee Excellence Award almost every month during his time here. He is a very good learner, and is improving his skills by working towards different network related certifications. He has a good attitude and nice working relationship with our team.”

After talking for with Naveed, we learned a lot about his work experience and personal life.


I hope you had a nice long weekend!
Yes, it was nice. I went out with my family and had a lot of fun. I played cricket with my family, played a football match with my friends, and watched Fast and Furious 7.
So, you are a sports and movie fan? Do you have any other personal hobbies or interests?
Yes, I am very much addicted to cricket and football. I can’t spend my weekend without playing cricket. My personal hobbies also include music and hiking.
What type of music do you like?
I like pop music and my favorite singer is Enrique Iglesias, a Spanish singer. Although I don’t understand Spanish much, I still listen to Spanish music since it sounds good to me. That’s why Enrique Iglesias is my favorite Spanish singer. I like Pitbull as a rap singer as well, and have listened to many of his songs as well as when he is featured in Enrique’s songs.
So, tell us more about your family!
Well, we are living as a joint family with my parents, three brothers, and two sisters. My wife and I just got married recently in January 2015.
What does your wife like to do in her free time?
She is doing some teaching training as she is planning to start teaching school kids. She likes to cook as well.
What is your favorite dish that she cooks?
It’s a kind of rice dish we call biryani. I also like when she makes murgh palao, which is a type of rice dish with chicken.
So, has anything funny happened in the office recently?
Yes, on my birthday Nash and Asad M put all my birthday cake on my face and I was not able to even recognize myself!
DSCF9511What is your favorite thing about working in the office?
My favorite thing about working in the office is the company of my colleagues. I have enjoyed a lot of time with Nash, and I also like the hourly update system since it doesn’t let you sit there and be lazy. There are so many good things that I like about this company. There are sports, trips, and events. You can find everything in this company.
Since you love cricket so much, I am guessing you participate in all the office sports, right?
Yes, I do and I played an important role in winning the cricket series by 3-0 with another software company that is in our building.
Why did you choose a career in the IT field?
I’ve been in love with IT since I was in my fifth semester of my Bachelors studies, and I took a class about IT and Computer Networking. From there I fell in love with IT and Networking, so when I started learning more I felt it was very interesting. Out of nowhere I realized I must choose this field for my future, and then I earned some professional certifications after completing my degree.
What college did you attend to and what degree do you have?
I attended school in Rawalpindi and in my hometown of Karak. I then started my bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Communication, which was more focused on mobile/wireless communication, embedded systems, signal processing, analog/digital communication, and digital image processing. Along with my studies, I have earned professional certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). After completing my graduation I continued my certifications and earned another as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). I also am training as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert with a local training academy in Islamabad.

Naveed would like to travel to K-2, the world’s second largest mountain, and also the Khewra Salt mine which is the biggest salt mine in Asia, both of which are in Pakistan. Naveed said “I still consider myself a student and always try to learn new things.” He believes that effective communication, hard work, and constant studying of new technologies are the keys to maintaining a successful business relationship in the IT field.