Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Software Team Lead
Department: .NET
Experience: 7 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 4.5 Years

Nasir T.

Nasir T. has been with Allshore over four years, almost since the start of the company. He is now one of the company’s Team Leads, and is known for being a fun guy to work with.

One of Nasir’s clients shared a few thoughts with us: “Working with Nasir is a pleasure.  He always makes sure work is done, not just on time, but also to the highest standards.  His team is motivated and willing to tackle any project I give them, even on short notice.  Nasir is great to work with and is always willing to work towards a solid solution!”

Raheel, DatumSquare’s CEO, praised Nasir’s work and work ethic: “Nasir is among the pioneer employees of the company. He is a very easy going person, and is easy to work with. The best thing about him is that he loves what he does and that makes him different from others. Give him a task, and even if you forget about it, Nasir will give you results.”

We asked Nasir a few questions in order to learn more about him.


NasHow many total years have you been working in the I.T. industry?
Well my career started about a month after I graduated in May 2007, so that makes it close to 7 years. The IT field is probably the area I love to work in most. I think a person’s full efficiency comes out only in the work he loves to do or is interested in. That is why I am a supporter of the youth deciding for themselves the path in study and career they will take, rather than their parents or guardians choosing it for them.

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learned while working with our company?
There are so many… where to begin? But the most important lesson I learned here is that being honest, trustworthy, tolerant, loyal, and most importantly keeping yourself up-to date in your skills, is something that will not only help you improve your professional life but will allow you to lead a very good personal life. Allshore/Datum has taught me many lessons. It taught me how to keep myself organized, gave me reasons to set goals, how to achieve those goals, to live a positive life with a positive attitude, to have great work ethics, and to have fun as well.

The greatest feature of Allshore/Datum that I love is that it’s not just a relationship of employer and employee to get the job done, but it is known as a family that is growing each day and bringing people together not only of the same culture but different cultures. In doing so, it is trying to create an environment that boosts tolerance and affection so that we and our future generations have a platform to live a great life, working together in peace and harmony across the world. As Albert Einstein said “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Looking at that and seeing Allshore/Datum, we are doing something and that is all one needs for motivation.

So, tell me about your family.

I have two brothers and my Mom. My Father passed away in 2009. I have a beautiful wife and my two lovely children, a boy and a girl. My little angel, Noor-ul-Huda (meaning Light of Guidance) came first in August 2011, and my little cute monkey Raied (meaning Prince) came second in Sep 2013. I got married in 2010, and in our culture 27-29 is usually the age when most guys marry. I got married at the age of 24. I think an early start to a family helps a lot in stabilizing your family, and of course when you’re 50 or older your children would have started a settled life as well. That way you are left with time to enjoy your old age with your grandchildren.

Do you plan to travel a lot once your kids are grown?
I have a plan to travel the world with my family and meet and see different people with different cultures, along with sightseeing world’s great wonders and beauty.
I have not yet made a list of places, but in my mind I am thinking of England, France, Turkey, Venice, UAE, and Russia. I have two major locations set in my mind already to travel to. First in line is Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj (Pilgrimage) in Mecca, and second in line are the great American states.

NAST TWhat do you and your family like to do in your free time?
Well as a family, we like to go out a lot to meet relatives and friends. We like having dinner at a good restaurant, taking our children to parks to play with them, and helping them to have a very enjoyable childhood. My wife and I especially love to go shopping when my wallet is full, like at the start of each month. Along with that, my wife has started running her own dental clinic now and I help her in any way I can to help her achieve her career goals.

As for myself, I love to go out with family and friends on fun trips. I love to watch latest the movies and listen to the latest songs. I love action, thriller, and suspense novels. The most fun I have is when I play latest computer games. Along with that, I am one of those curious nerds who loves engineering and learning about any kind of electrical and mechanical equipment. However, I have a 50% success rate of fixing/putting back something that I open. I also like to do all kinds of repair work at my home, be it plumbing or electrical. I enjoy learning about my car and fixing it according to my needs from time to time. Overall, I have a great life that I enjoy and I am thankful to God for blessing me with one.

Nasir earned his Bachelors in Computer Science from KICSIT, or the Khan Institute for Computer Sciences in 2007. Nasir’s favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings series and the Riddick series. His favorite indoor sport is snooker, and he loves chicken steak with mushroom sauce.