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Designation: Associate IT Team Lead
Department: IT
Experience: 13 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 3 Years

Nash M.

Nash M. has done a lot with Allshore in his 3 years, both inside and outside the office.

Nash’s manager Asad M. had great things to say about him: “Nash is very sharp and intelligent. He handles work very well and very quickly and has a solid grip on what he does. He also has excellent communication skills and helps his client with great dedication. One of his many qualities is that he can work on multiple tasks without any problem. I think he is made for the project he is currently working on. This project needs the exact skills he has: good English, a nice tone, and perfect problem solving skills. It’s great to have him in my team.”

Nabeel, another of Allshore’s managers, told us his thoughts about Nash: “He is a fun loving guy. He is a very active member of the sport community at Datum and does table tennis, cricket, and badminton. He directly and indirectly has helped to organize sports events. He is very good at his work. He is totally focused and a very organized person. I also observed that he is technically very good. If I assign him a task I have never had to go to him and ask him if that task is done or not. He always does his tasks on time. He is a guru in his field.”

Hoping to learn more about him, we checked in with Nash and asked him some questions.
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How do you feel about your time working with Allshore?
Simply Awesome!! I have been working since 2001 and never had such a nice work environment.

In your previous jobs, did you ever work with local clients?
No, it was for a UK based call center and software house.

What do you think about working with American clients?

Americans joke around, ask about your family, and understand things easily.

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learned through your experiences while working with Allshore/Datum/Zepcom?

I’ve learned how to be organized, punctual and honest with your clients no matter the situation.

Have you ever travelled anywhere outside of Pakistan?
Yes, I’ve been to Dubai and Saudi Arabia. In Dubai I went alone for the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) back in 2005. People from all over the world go there and have stalls of their own countries. They were very big stalls and I bought different things for my family. When I went to Saudi Arabia, I went with my family to perform a pilgrimage back in 1998.
Will you tell us a little about your family?
I’m a family man. I got married at an early age, 22, and have a 9 years old Princess and a 5 years old Prince. We are a very loving family and live with my parents. I love my father the most, and would not have been what I am today without my Mother. My father always gave me love and confidence and my mother taught me everything. My mother has a Masters of Philosophy and teaches English Literature.

DSC_0071aWhat do you and your family like to do in your free time?
We play with the kids or go shopping. I play squash regularly so that’s an every day routine.
Do you also play table tennis and cricket with the other guys at work?
Well, I taught most of the guys. I have been playing it since my childhood. I don’t like cricket much but I organize it since many of the guys here like it. I also do rock climbing and rope repelling.


Nash’s favorite room in his house is the sitting lounge where his family spends time together. He doesn’t have a favorite holiday, because he loves them all! If he could have a super power it would just be to sleep for a long time. Nash earned his degree from Peshawar University.