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Designation: Director of Development
Department: Development
Experience: 14 Years
Education: Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 6 Years

Nabeel I.

A hardworking tech master, Nabeel has been with Allshore since its beginning days. Raheel A., our CEO of the Islamabad and Lahore offices, had this to say about him: “Nabeel has been a part of this company for the last six years, and has been a vital contributor to the growth of this company. Over his long tenure, he has taken the initiative to make the workplace environment very pleasant for everyone. He is highly skilled, but yet is a very easy going person. We are so lucky to have him at Allshore.”

Randall Agee, the President of Allshore, said: “Nabeel I. has been a huge part of our company’s growth over the past 6 years. Nabeel is a person we can all count on to bail us out of trouble spots, help developers in need, and be a role model for us all to follow. Nabeel has been instrumental in shaping our company culture and defining what it means to be in the Allshore experience. His kind, easy demeanor is a beacon for people in the company that are stressed and need guidance. We all appreciate Nabeel very much and Allshore wouldn’t be the same without him.”Nabeel3



So, tell us a little bit about yourself!
I earned my Masters in Computer Science in 2002, and am currently working on my Masters in Project Management. I also have a Post Graduate Degree and am a certified Professional Scrum Master. During my MCS I was working at an internship and a job. After that my career started and I worked in different companies and also did consulting. Programming is my passion. I have worked with different technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, C#, and a little work in Java and PHP. I love to learn new things in technology.
Can you tell us some about your childhood?
I grew up in Abu Dhabi and then I came to Pakistan when I was twelve. I was a very shy and dull kid. I was not very social during my childhood, so I didn’t have many friends. In Abu Dhabi we lived near a military base, and there were only four houses there. All the rest was a desert, and I often saw wild dogs and snakes.
Living near a desert must have been really different!
Yes, it was exciting. We usually were outside for about one or two hours during sunset, but when it was dark we’d go back home. In the daytime it was too hot, and at night it was very risky because wild dogs sometimes attacked people. We spent most of our time at home, and on Sundays we would go on outings with our parents. I still miss Abu Dhabi, and I’m going to visit again someday.
Where else have you travelled to?
I’ve been to a lot of places. In Pakistan, I have gone to most major cities and also Naran and Kaghan, Saif-ul-malook, Lulusar, Lalazar, Shogran, Abbottabad, Nathia Gali, a lot of places in Murree, Malam Jabba, Marghazar, Kalam in the Swat Valley, Sharda, Keil, Khairan, Kuttan, and more. Outside of Pakistan, I’ve been to Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Al Ain, Dubai, and Sharjah.
Where is the most interesting place you have travelled to?
This is a really difficult question. I would probably say that Sharda in Kashmir is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I have travelled in many well known places with my friends and companies, but I still think that I have seen nothing so far.
Where would you like to travel to next?
I’d like to visit Chitral or maybe the Neelum Valley again. I definitely wish to go to Abu Dhabi again.
What do you and your family do in your free time?
Usually I have very little free time, but when I do, I like to go out and try new restaurants and explore unique foods.
What is your favorite food?
I have a passion for eating, and I like to eat tasty food. I like desi, South Asian, food and all kinds of fish. Whenever I visit a new place, I always try a new local delicacy.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I want to be a superhero like Einstein, so a hero with a super brain.
What got you started in IT?
My father did. It was my father’s wish that I excel in the IT field, and he bought me a computer. I started playing a lot of games on that computer and because of that my interests changed. I started installing things and exploring new softwares, and then I started building them.
What is your favorite memory?
That would have to be the birth of my son. I don’t hold or carry small babies, but the doctor came and put my baby boy in my hands when he was born. At first I was scared, but then I looked at him and he was so cute. That was the happiest moment of my life, and so that is my favorite memory.
Do you have a favorite quote?
It’s not my favorite, but I used to tell everyone to “Work smarter, not harder.”
Do you have any hobbies?
I watch horror movies, listen to songs, surf the net; nothing special.
Oh, what is your favorite movie?
There are a lot of movies, but I like The Conjuring 2, Insidious, Mama, and The Dictator.
Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do before you die?
I have to learn a lot and earn a lot.
Who do you consider your biggest role model?
That would be our Prophet, my father, and obviously my super hero Einstein.
What is your greatest strength?
Programming is my greatest strength.
Nabeel4What is the best advice you have ever received?
Keep learning from birth until death.
What is your favorite framework to work with and why?
I like Bootstrap, because it is very fast, easy to manage, and a lot of companies and developers are adapting it.
How would your friends describe you?
Sharp minded, funny, and friendly.
Do you have any pets?
I used to have cats, a sparrow, pigeons, and a falcon, but nothing right now.
Describe a time in your life when you wanted to quit something, but didn’t.
I at first failed the final exam for my Bachelor’s degree. My family told me to try again since I may be able to still pass. I showed up, retook the test, and passed it easily.
Are there any other scientists or mathematicians that you admire?
Newton. I got my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Statistics, so I enjoy those fields. Calculus and Physics are really awesome and challenging.
If you could fill a swimming pool with one type of thing, what would it be?
Well, we usually fit it with water, but I’d fill it with mint lemonade!

If Nabeel could be any animal, he’d be a lion. He also believes that we shouldn’t limit our skills, and should always continue to learn new things, in any field. Thank you Nabeel for all that you’ve done for our company and all you’ve taught our developers!