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Designation: Network Support Executive
Department: IT
Experience: Five Years
Education: Currently Earning a Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 11 months

Mustansar J.

Mustansar helps keep the office running everyday, and does a lot of work in the background to help our offices. A coworker of his, Naveed R., told us how much he enjoys working with Mustansar. “Mustansar is energetic, passionate, and a quick learner. I enjoy working with him and it’s good to have someone like Mustansar on your team. He stays late sometimes when he’s needed, and he loves to take on new tasks. The best part is he is always ready for any kind of challenge and always gives his best.”

Asad M, the head of our IT Department, had this to say about his team member: “Mustansar is a very hard working member of our network team. He is also able to pick up and learn new skills very fast. He has helped us to manage systems and networks in a very efficient way. He is young and smart, and I think he will be very successful if he continues going down the path he is on now.”

We wanted to get to know this hard worker and what makes him tick, so we decided to have a chat with him.Riphah Feas Trip (246)


So Mustansar, what got you started in the IT field?

After the 10th grade, I started my diploma in telecommunication and I felt it was a very interesting subject. From there, I made my mind up that I should choose IT as my professional career.
How long have you been in the IT field, and how long have you been with our company?
I’ve been in this industry almost five years, and have been with Allshore for eleven months.
What is your official job title and department?
My official job title is Network Support Executive and my department is the IT Department. 
Where did you attend college and what degree(s) do you have?
I have completed my diploma in Telecommunication from Telecom Foundation in Islamabad. Now, along with my job, I am earning a Bachelors in Computer Science from Virtual University.
Tell us about your experiences working with the company, any fun stories to share?
My experience with the company has been amazing and the company has made a great impression on me. This is the first time I have had a night job. When I started, I felt it would be difficult for me to adjust to a night job environment, but with the support of my team, I made it. Now I am enjoying my time working with this company. As far as fun stories are concerned, my department team members Nash and Naveed like to tease me whenever they’ve got time and I love it too.
What is your favorite part about your job?
I love exploring new technologies and solving different office tasks. I love the way Skype is used for communication and everyone can mention their problems in specific rooms for us to check.
What are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?
You need to have good communication and keep yourself up to date in the newest technologies.
What is your favorite: game, food, and color?
I love cricket and computer games, and as far as food goes, my favorites are pizza and biryani. I have several favorite colors and they are blue, black, green, and white.
Tell us about your family and what you like to do together in your free time.
I have one brother and one sister, and we are all living with our parents. We like to go out to different places nearby to enjoy our free time together.
1016685_171808436333496_767912219_nDo you have any personal hobbies or interests?
My personal hobbies include exploring IT related things, listening music, and reading books.
Have you traveled to any interesting places? What is next on your list?
Yes, I have visited the Murree hills and I love hiking too. I’m not sure what is next on my list though.
What are three things you wish you could buy right now?
I’d buy a luxury car, an iPhone 6, and a house in Murree.


The last movie Mustansar watched was Spider Man, and if he could play any character in a movie, he would choose that same hero, Spider Man. We’re happy to have such an enthusiastic learner on our team, and we hope that Mustansar helps us with our IT issues for many more years!