Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Sales Associate
Department: Sales
Experience: 3 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computing
Time with Allshore: 10 Months

Mark W.

Our newest addition to the Sales team, Mark is a steady presence in the bustle of the Sales department. Dependable and ready for anything, Mark impresses us with his hard work. Brian Michael, Allshore’s Director of Business Development, told us: “Mark has shown himself to be a solid performer with an attitude that says ‘Never quit!’ He conducts himself as a professional and works to continue learning every day. Mark has become a valuable member of the Sales team and it has been my pleasure to work with him. I’m looking forward to watching Mark continue his development as a Sales professional.”

Our Sales Manager, Alex Wright, had these wonderful things to say about working with him: “Mark is a great addition, bringing power and momentum to our team. Mark is a reliable resource when it comes to finding new prospects and helping us land new clients successfully. I have high hopes for his future and confidence in him.”

So Mark, how are things going for you in Sales?

Things are going great and running smoothly in Sales.  Alex is a helping hand, and I personally learn a lot from Brian.

Do you have any funny stories about Sales you can share with us?

Well, Sam, Alex, and I talk a lot together when we have spare time. I actually call it the Funny Department, since you never know when Alex or Sam will make a funny joke.

How did you end up in Sales, and what got you started on this career path?  

I like to take on new challenges, and when the company took me on board I accepted wholeheartedly. I always like to do new things in my life and, especially in Sales, every day is a new day. You never know when you are going to get a message from a possible new client. This is one of reasons I love sales!

In your opinion, what are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?
The skills needed to excel in Sales are, as far as I’m concerned, motivation, passion, a calm manner, a can do attitude, and adapting to new ways to excel in your field.

How long have you been working in Sales? 

If I remember correctly, I started in Sales back in the UK, so I believe it’s been nearly three years. At my old company I worked in Customer Support and also as level one Telecom Technical Support and dealt with technicians.

Did you attend a university?

I got an intermediate degree from Abacus College, then went to the UK for the rest of my studies and lived there for about four years. I earned an advanced diploma in Computing from the London Academy of Management Sciences, and then I enrolled in a three year program for my Bachelors of Science in Computing. In my second year though, my father became severely ill and I returned home, so I was earned my degree in two years. It was my responsibility to come home and assist my father, since he provided for all my needs and desires. I could not leave him abandoned.

mark 3It is great you had the chance to go to the UK. How were your experiences living there?
Well, the people there were very loving, nice, and always available to help you any time. I personally learned a lot from them.

What is the most valuable thing you feel you have learned through your international experiences?
Well, their learning structure is quite smooth, and I have learned to love people with an open heart, and always be available to help.

Sounds like you had a nice time there! Did you get to see some cool places??
I went to the London Eye, one of the most famous places in the city, and then went to Harrods to do some shopping. Harrods is one of the biggest and most famous shopping malls in London. On New Year’s Eve they organize a massive fireworks display near the London Eye. If you do go on vacation there, do consider the Isle of Wight. It’s worth a visit to that place. Trust me!

So, you like traveling and sightseeing. What other special interests or hobbies do you have?
I used to play cricket and pool a lot before to I went to the UK. Since I’ve been back, I’ve found myself close to spirituality and now like to read spiritual books.

Do you have a favorite color and a favorite food?
My favorite colors are royal blue, chocolate brown, and off white. My favorite dish is red beans with white rice.

What about your family, will you tell us more about them? What do you like to do together in your free time?
We are four siblings; I have three sisters and I am the lone brother. Two of my elder sisters were born in Libya, and they both have gotten married in recent years. Now I have my younger sister and mom to look after, since my father passed away in 2012. So when I am off of work, I have dinner at home with them. This is how my life is going these days. My  experiences have made me strong enough to lead my family, and I receive a lot of support from family and friends, so things are running smoothly. The people we surround ourselves with can make all the difference in how we pass through each day.

Mark believes in the power of perseverance and hard work. His favorite quote is “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” After proving himself time and again with our Sales team, we’re definitely happy to have Mark working with us!