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Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: 7 Years
Education: Bachelors of Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 10 Months

Khurram M.

Khurram M. comes from a family of tech workers, and loves his job in the industry. His client told us: “Khurram is a great asset to our team. He is always ready to take direction with a pleasant and can-do attitude. He’s dependable and very cooperative. Khurram also has no problem changing directions when we ask, and is very adaptable.”

Khurram K, his Team Lead, had this to say: “Khurram M is a well rounded and a well groomed software engineer, a trustworthy teammate, and a great person with an excellent sense of humor. He has an excellent skill set, along with an excellent understanding of his client’s requirements and how to keep them happy. The day is not far away when he’ll achieve something great due to his dedication.”10393952_10203655951903680_1807965861627832273_n

We had a chat with Khurram to learn more about him and his work.

Will you please begin with some information about yourself? Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born in Rawalpindi on July 29th. I grew up in Rawalpindi and spent nine years of my life there. After that, I moved to Islamabad and have been living here since. I finished my high school studies in Islamabad, and then went to college for Computer Science. If we specifically talk about my childhood, I was a very naughty child, and sometimes I had to deal with the consequences of that. For example, one day my uncle came to visit from the U.S., and I did not want to go to school. My mom got me ready, but I hid behind a big truck. Unfortunately I got stuck and began to cry and it took three people to get me out. Sometimes when I visit my grandparents’ house I recall the whole story.
Do you have a favorite thing about your hometown Rawalpindi, and something favorite about Islamabad?
Yes, there are a lot of things that I really like about my hometown and Islamabad. As far as Rawalpindi is concerned, it’s my favorite because my ancestors came here after partition in 1947, and my family is still living here now. The weather in the cities is really nice, just like Islamabad. It’s near hills and mountainous areas, which are very good places to go visit. People all over Pakistan visit the city for the hills, and I love to go there as well. When talking about Islamabad, it is beautiful. It is in a valley surrounded by the Margalla Hills, and the land is a lush green. It’s all because of planning. Islamabad is the only city in Pakistan that was built from a master plan, and every sector has to be divided with a green belt of plants.
Have you traveled to any interesting places before?  
Yes, I love to travel and so I’ve traveled to many areas in Pakistan. A few of the areas worth mentioning are Swat, Kalam, Kaghan, Naran, Azad Kashmir, and Thundiani. Those are mostly areas with high mountain ranges, and some are covered with snow and ice for the entire year. Since I’ve spent my whole life in the city, those places are worth traveling to for me. I can experience fresh air and fresh water, even fresher than mineral water you can buy in the city. And at night, those areas have a beauty I can’t explain with stars and the sound of water. In the city, we can’t see the stars because of pollution, but in those places no sign of pollution exists so the dark black sky with the moonlight presents a marvelous scene. Simply, those areas are like heaven on earth.
What are some other special interests or hobbies you have outside the office?
I love to sing, though I couldn’t get the chance to sing professionally. I did sing at our annual office party though.  Outside the office, I love to spend my time with my family. My kids wait for me through the whole week to go out on the weekends, and I feel much more relaxed when I spend time with them. I love to dine out with my family also.

Khurram M.Could you tell us more about your kids?
Yes, of course. They really take care of me, especially my smartphone since they use it to play games. My daughter is growing up, and she really takes care of me. She always offers me a glass of water when I get home. She also made me a card for me with flowers and hearts on Father’s Day. They are my whole world, and I am proud to be a father.
What got you started in this field, why did you choose this career path?
Well, my father was a programmer and I was inspired by him. He worked with an American company is Saudi Arabia. So I became familiar with computers about 20 years ago, back in 1994. At the time, only a few people had computers in their home, and this made me interested in them. So when it came time to select my career path, I decided to go with Computer Science. I was inspired to an extent by my sister as well. She is now in New York and is a computer teacher at a high school. Similarly my brother inspired me, and he went to Sweden for his Masters in Software Engineering. So you can say our whole family is in tech. I’m very glad to be a part of this family, and I love them very much.


Khurram loves the movie 2012, and his favorite song is the Indian song “Sawan Aaya Hai.” He mostly likes romantic songs with slower beats. Khurram also loves to joke, and said that whenever he is stuck in a work problem there is always a place where he can solve it: in his dreams. His team loves working with Khurram, and we’re happy to work with him too!