Featured Team Member

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Designation: Software Engineer
Department: .NET
Experience: Four Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: Over One Year

Khalid K.

Khalid is known around the office for his cheerfulness and love of animals. His Team Lead, RK, had great things to say about him in and out of the business setting. “Khalid hasn’t been working with us for as long as some, but he has adjusted himself well within these ranks. He is a hard worker and a dedicated member of the team. Apart from his coding skills, he keeps our team well informed about wildlife, its inhabitants, and about the species that are endangered on our planet. We enjoy learning, and enjoy his presence all the time.”

Andrea, Khalid’s Client Relations Manager, told us: “Khalid has been a great pleasure to work with! He has a positive and energetic attitude and always steps in to help. With his friendly disposition and his willingness to learn, he is a great asset to any team! Great job, Khalid!”20150118_131817coverpic


So Khalid, how do you like to spend your free time?
I am a volunteer member of the World Wildlife Fund, and a huge wildlife enthusiast. I love reading and knowing more about wildlife, especially threatened and endangered wild animals. I also like exploring new places and cultures. If I can, I try my best to give some time to exploration as well. I also read Paulo Coelho’s works for fun sometimes.
When you volunteer, what sort of activities do you do?
Well as a wildlife volunteer, your main contribution is donations to such institutions as WWF, Snow Leopard Foundation, Green Peace, etc. So I try to donate, and take part in conferences and meet professionals who are working on conserving endangered wildlife. I do believe that humans are wiping out wildlife and threatening the environment at a very fast rate. So some of us have to be in that role: to do whatever they can and at least spread awareness.
Are snow leopards your favorite animal?
Absolutely, though as a wild life enthusiast I should have the most sympathy towards the most critically endangered animals, but I just love snow leopards. Whenever I look at them, they just take me away to the Himalayas and the snowy mountains.
So you mentioned you like exploring new places and cultures, have you traveled anywhere interesting before?
I visited the United Arab Emirates twice in my childhood days, but I have not gone out of the country after that. Right now I am trying to explore Pakistan, because it has many amazing locations on the map. From the Himalayas, to the deserts like Cholistan, to awesome beaches, this country has everything! I would love to trek to the top of K2, the second highest peak in the world, and explore some of the least explored places in Pakistan.
So, tell us about your family! Do they share your same passion about animals? What do you like to do together?
About wildlife, most of the time I find myself all alone in that. I have an elder brother who still works in the UAE as manager. The brother who is younger than me is an architect. He loves technology and spends a lot of time on Facebook and gaming. I love to have discussions with him about architecture from different historical places and times, for example: when and how the pyramids of Egypt were built, and when and how the wall of China was built.
The youngest of us is in his fourth year in towards earning a MBBS and will be a doctor soon. We both love to go on treks together to different hilly places. We also like to make different videos together about things. After his exams, we plan to make a video of the Swat Valley and its hidden waterfalls, forests, and snow covered mountains. It’ll be great fun.
IMG_20140906_071346So Khalid, what got you started in the IT field?
When I first started studying computer sciences, I was not very interested in this field, but slowly I started enjoying problem solving and coding. As I spent more time in this field, I really liked it and dismissed my original idea of becoming a civil engineer. During this time I have enjoyed my work and more than anything. 
What is your favorite framework to work with and why?
I love working in .NET because it has a lot of helpful material on the Internet and it’s huge. There are a lot of different platforms like WPF, Asp.net, WCF, ADO.net and Windows forms. I have the most experience with Asp.net, but I love MVC, which is open source and also lets you have much more control over your code. It also has a much better application pattern.


Khalid loves to chat about animals and teach others more about environmentalism. His favorite movie if Forrest Gump, and he enjoys reading as a past time. Some of his favorite books are To Kill a Mocking Bird, Raja Gidh, The Alchemist, and Pride and Prejudice. Khalid also loves trying different traditional foods from around the world, though he can’t resist pulao, or pilaf, which is his favorite dish. We hope to have Khalid, and his enthusiasm, for many more years!