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Designation: PHP Department Manager
Department: PHP
Experience: 11 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Sciene
Time with Allshore: 5 Years

Junaid A.

His friends call him Juni, and in the office he’s known as the go-to PHP guy. “Junaid is an awesome person. He is not only a good manager, but also has excellent technical skills. Sometime he does things outside of the box. He often helps me with the backend tasks for arranging a lot of events. If someone asked me to describe Junaid in one word then I would say he is like a coconut. He is hard from the outside and he has a very kind heart on the inside,” said our Director of Development, Nabeel.

Allshore’s Chief Operations Officer, Tara Waddle, told us: “Junaid is an absolute PHP Superman! He always makes himself available to help out anyone, even in the toughest situations. His technical knowledge and skills are seriously outstanding; there is just no one else like Junaid at all. I know first-hand that Junaid will always overcome any obstacle that’s thrown his way. And I truly consider myself extremely fortunate to call Junaid both a teammate, and a friend.”

We chatted with this PHP master to learn more about his time with us, and his life outside work.

So Junaid, why did you choose to get into IT? Tell us about your path to becoming a PHP guru.
I have been addicted to computers since my childhood. My father bought our first computer in 1992, as he is in the offset printing industry. Since then I have been very attracted to computers. Because of my love for them, I got my Secondary School Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate, and Graduation all in Computer Sciences. Regarding me becoming a PHP guru, it’s a coincidence that I start worked in it. My job career started with VB6, but it was becoming obsolete in the market and at that time there was a big demand for PHP. That’s how I choose PHP over other technologies, and when I started working in PHP I fell in love with it.
Do you have a favorite framework you like to work with?
Symphony and Yii are my all time favorite frameworks. If I need to select only one it will be difficult for me.
How long have you been with our company out of the 11 years you have been in this industry?
I have been here for the last five years, the five most beautiful years of my life. This is my second home and I love to be here.
What, in your opinion, are the key ingredients in guiding and maintaining successful business relationships?
For maintaining successful business relationships, I always would say that you need to think your client is the most precious thing in the world. Always have a good professional relationship with them, and pay attention to their needs and requirements. Secondly, take ownership of your work. When you tell your client your work is completed it should be well tested, so your client doesn’t come back to you for same task again and again.
So do you have a favorite thing about the office, or any funny stories you can share with us?
My favorite thing is our office environment, and our strong bond with all the managers. We all are like a family; that’s what I like most about it. We have fun together and whenever rough times come we all help each other and work like a team. Also I would like to mention my team as well. They all are super awesome. There is an image of me that I am a very strict person, and I promise that I am not. I am there to help my team whenever they need me.
20150201_212404What is your favorite: color, food, and movie?
My favorite colors are black, maroon, and white. My favorite foods are qeema and kababs. I am a beef lover, but I also love to eat chicken as well. I don’t like pulses or lentils though. Heat, A Walk to Remember, and The Taking of Pelham 123 are my favorite movies.
What do you and your family like to do in your free time?
If I have free time, I love to watch Naruto and Top Gear, hang-out with my friends, or play Clash of Kings. With my family, I mostly go shopping or go out for dinner. If we have no plans then we play Ludo, the board game, at home and chat.
Do you have any personal hobbies/interests?
I love to play computer games and make new friends. Also, I love to go to the northern areas of our beautiful country Pakistan and go hiking and camping there.
Have you traveled anywhere interesting? What is next on your list?
I traveled a lot within the country; I mostly love to go for long distance drives. I have a long list of interesting places where I have been in my life, but I loved my visit to Tao Butt (Grace Valley). It’s a very beautiful place. Next, I would like to visit Thailand.
If you could play a part in a movie, what sort of character would you want to play?
I would like to play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in a movie.

Junaid’s favorite quote is “The word impossible is not in my dictionary” by Napoleon Bonaparte. His favorite sports are table tennis and badminton, which he plays regularly. If Junaid could have any super power, it would be a problem solver, and he would resolve everyone’s problems in the blink of an eye.