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Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: 7 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 1.5 Years

Furqan A.

If you’re having a bad day and need some cheering up, Furqan is the guy to talk to. His Team Lead, Ahmed L, told us: “Furqan is one of the coolest senior developers we have around. He is well focused and knows the urgency of the situation well. He has always met expectations and is willing to put extra effort in his work. He has a great future ahead of him here.”

Furqan’s client praised him highly and told us: “I have total faith in Furqan and his work ethic. He always tries his best, and I have the utmost respect for his efforts! He has been a shining light on my project. Furqan IS my project and is the reason it will succeed. Furqan is the man, and I am extremely happy with his level of commitment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!”

We checked in with Furqan to learn more about this upbeat guy.

What first got you interested in IT?


My uncle’s 586 Computer that came before Pentium 1 in the early 1990’s. I liked to play with it, and the computer at that time didn’t even have a mouse. That began my craze to work with computers.
Please tell us what you favorite framework is to work with and why?
I have been using CodeIgniter most of the time. I love it because it is very robust and extensive. Currently, I am working mostly on WordPress plugin and theme development.
What are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?
It takes constant attention to your computer screen, and a ton of self-assessment and self-criticism. Additionally, a bit of envy towards other senior developers, and knowing that you won’t make it tomorrow if you don’t learn it today.
So, can you tell us about your family?
I’m happily and successfully married with one son and a daughter. We live with my parents all together. I have just one elder brother who is also taller than me and stronger than me. However, I’m taller than my wife and that’s all that matters!

What do you guys like to do in your free time?
I most graciously play the role of cook, driver, storyteller, and friend with my family especially with my kids. If get free time, I spend it all watching movies and series I love to follow. Hence, I have no free time.
Do you like to travel anywhere? And if so, where have you traveled?
I have traveled anywhere that I have been instructed to by my “commanding officer” at home. In this regard, I have journeyed to the far ends of my country. I have been to the realm of mountains and snowy glaciers of Naran. I have been with my family to the hill areas of Murree and Natia Gali, and so many more.
Are you planning on traveling anywhere else soon?
Yes, my membership with the World Wildlife Fund is currently being processed. Once that is approved, I will travel to all parts of my country saving nature. I just want to return the favor to the land I was born in.
furqan-cricketmania_03Do you have any personal hobbies or interests?
I love taking photographs of the beauty of nature around me. I love to take snapshots of birds, peacocks, and even monkeys. I am also writing, and re-writing should I say, a book based on love and mystery. I always think of a lot of new things to do.
How far are you in your book?
The hero is trying to tell the woman how much he loves her, but he hasn’t done it successfully yet since the woman doesn’t want to listen at the moment.
If you could play a part in a movie, what sort of character would you want to play?
I would like to play King Aragorn in Lord of Rings. He sacrifices his life for his people, develops a nation of peace and love to spread prosperity among the lands he rules, and of course has a beautiful wife.

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do before you die?

I want to go into space, float around, and feel the greatness of nature. I want to know how it feels to have no ground below my feet and no limit to the sky above, and everything around you is so big. I want to feel selfless like this.

Any funny stories from home/friends to share?

One time there was me and my friend went our first motorbike ride ever, and then it broke down at 1:00 in the morning. Instead of getting worried, we started dragging the scooter back and eating from every shop and every kind of eatery that we came across. We both ended up with balloon-sized stomachs and the next day we were hardly able to walk.


Born and raised in Lahore, Furqan loves to learn new things. His favorite memory is of his grandfathers voice, and he thinks of him whenever he needs reassurance and comfort. If Furqan could have a super power, he would love the ability to be able to grow food wherever he wanted so he could feed everyone. Always looking to help, Furqan is a fun guy to talk to, and we had a great time doing so!