Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Principal Software Engineer
Department: .NET
Experience: 8 Years
Education: Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 1 Year and 6 Months

Farhat M.

Farhat is a talkative and fun guy, who loves development work. His Team Lead, Nasir T., had this to say about him: “Farhat is a hard working lad. He is always on the go to give out the best solution possible. He always is very cautious and attentive to detail so that nothing gets missed, and the client gets the expected end result. He is a fun teammate to be with since he’s always helping out others and also keeping the environment happy around him. He also joins in to manage extra curricular stuff for the team without breaking a sweat. He’s a great guy.”

Brittany, Farhat’s Client Relations Manager, told us: “Farhat was one of my very first developers to work with. He has always been a very warm and welcoming person, and helped me a lot when I was adjusting to my role. He has a great sense of humor, there is a never a dull day with Farhat around! Farhat is a very hard worker and always strives to please his client and managers by producing quality work in a timely manner. I feel very lucky to work with such a great character!”


Tell us about yourself! Have you lived in Islamabad your whole life?

I am the son an army officer, so he had postings in different stations. We still lived in Rawalpindi for a long time, and since it’s so close to Islamabad, my university and jobs have all been here.

What about your mother? Any siblings?

My mother is a housewife, and I have one brother and two sisters. I am the youngest one. My elder brother is a government officer, my oldest sister is a doctor and her husband is an army officer, and my second sister is also a housewife and husband is again army officer.

Do you get to see your family often?

Yes, too often. My brother’s home is 100 yards from my home, and one of my sisters live in Islamabad. The other one visits usually once a month.

What do you all do together for fun?

As I am the youngest one and I live with my parents, my home is headquarters and all my siblings visit here for fun. Whenever we get together we like to take the children to the park and then have a BBQ at home. We also do outings sometimes. When my sisters come, they always stay with us and we talk until late at night and we play like kids as we were years ago.

Do you help cook?

I cannot cook, but I always help my mother and wife with some hard things like cleaning meat and cutting things.

So you mentioned your university is nearby as well. Which one did you attend and what degree(s) do you have?

I got my Masters in Computer Science from one of best universities in Islamabad, Quaid-I-Azam University. After that I started my Masters in Project Management, and now I have completed course work and just have two papers left.

So what got you started as web developer? Why did you choose this field?

I didn’t know anything about this field until I was in my twelfth year of school. After I had finished my final exam that year, I joined a small computer center to see what Microsoft Office was. In that short course they had FoxPro as a module also. My teacher told me I was very good at logic, and I developed and interest in it. After that I started my Bachelors in Computer Science and also did a course about Oracle. Later I taught Oracle to help with my tuition cost. I also helped people getting their Masters Degrees with their final projects.

How have your experiences been with our company? Anything interesting about the job you can share with us?

I like my job so it gives me happiness and I also love to make friends and joke with people. So I get both each day! Azadar, Qadir K., and I love to make jokes together.

What is your favorite framework to work with?

My favorite is MVC because I really want to work on it.

10979174_10152544607131529_324406444_nWhat do you think are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?

According to my point of view, being eager to learn new things, R&D skills, and being hardworking are the most important. If you are hardworking then you can overcome things if your skill set is a little weak.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?

Before my kids, my hobbies were to watch TV and study. But now, as Allah has blessed me with a son and a little daughter, in personal time I play with my kids, take them to the park, and play PlayStation. I also go shopping with my wife. I love my family.

What is your favorite: color, movie, food?

My favorite color is blue and my favorite movies are Gladiator, Patriot, and Braveheart. I love to eat all kinds of meat, and every New Years Eve my wife and I got to a Texas steak house for dinner.

So if you could play a role in a movie, what type of character or role would you want to play?

I would want to play a romantic young handsome teenager like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

Is there anywhere you are planning on traveling to?

Next year I am going to my hometown with my family. After that, we’re going to Murree to enjoy the snowfall. My son is getting in to the age that now he can view and enjoy things, so I want to show him these all beauties of nature.

 If Farhat could meet one famous person, he’d like to meet with Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. His favorite framework is MVC, and he enjoys learning new things, such as getting new Microsoft certifications.