Featured Team Member

Available to hire
Designation: Principal Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: More Than Six Years
Education: Masters in E-Commerce
Time with Allshore: Almost Two Years

Faisal Q.

Faisal Q. has become known as a fun spirited and hard working guy. His Team Lead, Ahmed, told us: “Faisal Q is a great person. He has great attitude and is always willing to step up and help. He works extremely hard every day and cares about his client and work. Faisal has the ability to solve complex problems. He is a power developer with super abilities.”

Faisal’s Client Relations Manager, Anne, had this to say about him: “Faisal is a great guy to work with. He always wants to do the best for the client and focuses on making sure his client is happy with his work. He’s fun to talk with and joke around with.”

We met up with Faisal in order to get to know him better.

So Faisal, tell us where you received your college education.
I earned my Masters in E-Commerce from Derby University in the United Kingdom. I was in the UK from January 2004 until January 2009. I also worked for a British telecom company during that time.

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The United Kingdom, how cool! How was life in the UK?

It was really good experience to live in the UK. That was my first exposure to competing in the international market. There were many people from different backgrounds like China, India, America, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus and many more. I met with them and I learned about diverse cultures and traditions. I really enjoyed getting to know different traditions outside of those from Pakistan.

Will you tell us a little about your time with the company so far?
Since I left the UK in 2009, this has been my third software company to work with. I must say this is a very good environment to work in. Once again I got the chance to work with international clients directly. I am very happy to work here because of the impressive policies.  Time management is really important, and hourly updates are a very strong point of our policy. If I put myself in my client’s shoes I would want the same thing so I know what I am paying for on an hourly basis. I really like the managers in Pakistan. We work together and then on weekends we enjoy a movie night together. In the US and in Pakistan all the teams work together well. Our Client Relations Managers helps us to overcome our lack of time management, and as a team we produce really good results. I am sure all these great things are because of the policies we have. Initially I was uneasy about working a night shift, but later on I decided there is much more for me in this company despite the late hours.

How many total years experience do you have in web development?
I have more than six years experience. Initially I worked in Java/C sharp language and later I moved into PHP, so in PHP I have about 6 years experience. There is no end to learning in IT. We need to keep learning, and so I keep learning.

So tell us about your family!

I live with my wife and daughter, who is four years old. We live near my parents. I have three sisters who are all married, and I am the youngest in my parent’s family. My oldest sister has one son and two daughters. My second oldest sister has one boy, and my third sister has one daughter. I love celebrating birthdays with my nieces and nephews since I love family gatherings.
What do you all like to do together?
We love to have family gatherings randomly. We also do family outings. My sisters and wife cook a variety of dishes, and we like to have potlucks where every family brings a dish. We organize this formal gathering once every six months or so. I look for opportunities for birthday celebrations with all of the kids. I like to do quizzes with all the kids and I give them gifts if they answer correctly.   

DSC01223Do you play sports with your family?
I don’t play many sports, though I know it is necessary for good health. But I do move around a lot. I take my daughter out every weekend. I like telling jokes with the kids most of the time. I learn from them, and they are straightforward. I love taking the kids to hilly areas and the mountains.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?
I love watching movies, and I love Hollywood and Bollywood actors. I follow news about Bollywood stars, especially Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. I love music and current affairs. I love visiting towns in the hills and mountains where there is beautiful scenery. I love attending events and family gatherings, even for my in-laws’ side. Marriage events here in Pakistan are so colorful that I love attending my cousins’ weddings.

Though Faisal was born in Lahore, he has lived his entire life in Islamabad. His favorite color is green, and he also likes gold colors when paired with off-white. His favorite movies are Gladiator and Tangled, and though he doesn’t read much, his favorite book is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. His favorite dishes to have with his family are biryani, pulao, curry, and BBQ.