Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Team Lead
Department: PHP
Experience: 3 and a half years
Education: Bachelors in Information Technology
Time with Allshore: 3 and a half years

Faisal N.

PHP Department Manager Junaid A. told us: “It is my pleasure to have been given the opportunity to write this praise for Faisal N. Faisal N is a genius and in a very short period of time he proved himself. I want to show my appreciation for Faisal N’s hard work which helped to make our PHP Department stronger than it has ever been. With his intelligence and effective work, he has set an example for other employees as well. It’s really commendable to see how he organizes his time and inspires his team members to move forward. Keep up your outstanding performance Faisal. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Thank you so much for your efforts.”

Tara Waddle, our Chief Operations Officer, had this to say about Faisal: “Faisal is genuinely one of the sharpest guys I know. He loves a good challenge, and he’s always ready to help with ANYTHING, whenever he is needed. His honesty and ability to keep an open mind are two additional qualities that make him an exceptionally great communicator with both our clients and fellow employees. I’m truly glad to have someone as reliable, dedicated, and skilled as Faisal on our team.”

We had a chat with Faisal to learn more about this great leader.IMG-20150123-WA0013

So, what got you started in the IT field?

Being a part of a technical geek family, I’ve been using computers since my childhood. My dad kept a computer room and all the equipment up-to-date for us, which helped me learn new technologies and keep up-to-date since an early age. I was greatly influenced by my elder brother, with whom I sat and observed for hours while he was doing interesting things that let me to grasp the key concepts of development. I started with creating mIRC and bot scripting that developed my interest in programming, and later moved into web development in classic ASP. Then I jumped to PHP, and have been working in programming and development since an early age. This is how this never-ending journey started, and it is an exceptional part of my life.

What college(s) have you attended and what degree(s) do you have?

After excelling in my primary education, I moved on to one of the well-known universities: the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). There I enhanced my skills to their peak levels. My love for development granted me opportunities to develop official websites for my school and college, and automation software for my university that stands out as my major contribution for the institutes I have been a proud part of.

What is your favorite thing about the office?

I totally love the work environment here. It’s great having people with the same interests around you, with whom you stay connected to gossip about the latest technology to nurture your knowledge. The facilities we have here are worth mentioning too, like the gym and table tennis areas.

What is your favorite framework to work with?

This is a hard question for me, since every framework/CMS I explore has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, following are the frameworks I really like and actively use: Zend and Laravel, WordPress, Magneto.

What are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?

I think your personality on a whole is the key factor of success in any domain of life. Specifically concerning IT, I must mention that proficient communication skills are extremely crucial to excel in this domain. Being capable technically is an ultimate plus, along with excellent communication. Further, I believe one should prefer being a master of something, rather than being jack-of-all-trades. So whatever you do, you should be the master of it.

Tell us about your family, married, kids? 

I recently became engaged to my beautiful fiancé. I have two brothers and sisters, and my ever loving mom and dad.

IMG-20140729-WA0004What do you like to do in your free time with your family?

I love family gatherings and dinners, watching good movies at the cinema, and I simply can’t resist walking over the crunch of dry leaves near trees. I love to cherish this environment with my soul mate.

What do you like to do in your own free time?

Personally, I prefer hanging out and spending valuable time with my friends. Learning and reading latest technology is my ultimate zeal. Also, I love to spend my life focusing on today. Whatever I go through in life, I just cherish each and every single moment of it.

What is your favorite: color, movie, and food?

My favorite colors are brown, black, and grey. My favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda, and I am the ultimate chicken eater.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

I suppose it would be that of a “People Pleaser.” Whatever the circumstances people around me are in, I would simply resist disappointing them in any way.

Faisal would love to play the part of a guitarist in a movie. He says music is something that everyone loves and no one is disappointed by, and is the ultimate means of expressing unsaid things in your life. Faisal has traveled to Dubai, and wishes he could teleport to Switzerland to experience the beauty of nature there.