Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Network Support Engineer
Department: IT
Experience: 4 Years
Education: Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: 2 Years

Fahad A.

A talkative and social guy, Fahad is a friendly co-worker in our Islamabad office. His Team Lead, Asad M, told us: “Always happy, ready to work on anything, a fast learner with a nice attitude − this is Fahad. Everyone loves him because of his good sense of humor. He has been an important member of our team since he joined us. He has helped our network team grow and become more organized. He is a good problem solver and never says no to an issue. He worked on any task we needed help with. He has grown a lot since he joined us, and he is currently working with a client. I know he will continue growing. His hard work and abilities show that he is on a successful path in life.”

Andrea, Fahad’s Client Relations Manager, had this to say about him: “I have been working with Fahad for about ten months and he has been a great asset to his client. He provides excellent IT support and is dedicated to his work. He is very flexible and can easily handle situations. Because of his sense of humor and positive demeanor, he is easy to work with. I’ve enjoyed working with him and hope to continue working with him in the future.”10410478_10201974168736293_1642788314191701394_n



Will you begin with a little background information about yourself?
I was born in China since my dad was an air force officer so he was stationed there. I was around three years old when we came back to Pakistan. After that, I grew up in Rawalpindi. I just love the language Chinese language. I’m not fluent anymore, since I’ve forgotten a lot, but my mom is fluent. My dad always mixes Chinese and Arabic. I can read Arabic fluently, since the Quran is in Arabic, but can’t speak it.
So tell me a little about how you got into the IT world.
Well, IT is in my blood. I love repairing things and solving problems. Since I was very young, I played with things and wanted to fix them. Whether it was an electric problem at home or something wrong with the car on a long road trip, I always wanted to help figure it out. That passion brought me into this field.
Where did you receive your education?
My uncle had a computer shop and I started learning to trouble shoot there. I graduated from Fazaia Intermediate College. I am now studying for my Bachelors in Computer Science, and have completed two years of the program. I should graduate with Honors, and that is my goal.

What is your favorite thing about working with our company?
There are many things. I like my managers, the working environment, and how friendly everyone is. The best part is we have easy access to our CEO if we have a problem.
Do you participate in cricket matches and table tennis with everyone?
Yes, I do. I have always taken part in extra curricular activities whether it was at school, college, office, or home.
10287227_10201757605082337_284729781_nWhat other activities do you like to do in during your free time?

I am a very social person. I have a lot of friends and I love to hang out with them. I am also working as a political activist and we do a lot of social work. I love to do research on IT related things, play games, and drive cars and motorbikes.

What is your favorite: game, car, and movie?
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Counter Strike, and FIFA are my favorite video games. I love racing cars like Bugatti, Ferrari, and the Supra. My favorite movies are the Batman series, and I recently watch a Pakistani movie called Waar that I liked a lot too. Other than that, my tastes often change.
So you told us some about your mother and father, will you tell us a little more about your family?
Well, as you know, my dad is a retired air force officer and my mom is a housewife. I have three brothers and one sister who just got married. My elder brother is also married, and he has a daughter who is four months old. The whole family is just crazy for her.

Fahad’s favorite food is biryani, and he also likes Chinese rice dishes. His mother makes both Pakistani and Chinese food, and he loves the Gong Bao chicken that she cooks. Fahad would like to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage, and then travel to the UK, US, Spain, and Turkey.