Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Remote Network Administrator
Department: IT
Experience: 6 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science with Honors
Time with Allshore: 3 Years

David M.

David Moore has made splashes in the Allshore/Datum Islamabad office. One of our managers, Nabeel, told us: “David is a very hard working, passionate, and talented person. It’s obvious that he has talent and knowledge with IT Support. His persistence to learn more about new technology has made him an ideal employee. He has earned appreciations from his clients as well. He’s an easygoing guy with a positive attitude. He is also very good in sports, and is one of our best table-tennis players.”

Asad M, David’s manager, shared his thoughts about him: “David is a brilliant member of our network team. He has been with us for three years now, and his good attitude and calmness is inspiring. He is technically sound and communication skills are fantastic. He is continuously improving his technical skills and his client depends on him a lot. He is shy and I think he has a lot more qualities than he has shown so far. David is a good team member and I am lucky to have him on my team.”

pic (1)We talked with David to learn more about him and his time with Allshore.


So, what got you started in the IT field?
Well, I selected computing subjects in school because I’ve been into computers since my childhood.
Did you play a lot of computer games a child?
Yes, indeed. I still play them whenever I have any leisure time to relax with my friends and family.
What were your favorite games as a child? And what are they now?
Earlier on it was Prince of Persia, FIFA football, Street Fighter 2, and Snow Bros. Now I like Nintendo games, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and other Wii games. I still play FIFA football.
Will you tell us about your education? Where did you go to college and what degree(s) have you received?
My early schooling was done in a convent school where I was taught by very strict nuns, but I learned lot from that school. I went to a boarding school run by the Pakistan Army where I completed my higher secondary schooling. Next, I went to the United Kingdom where I earned my Bachelors in Computer Science with honors, and then I returned back to Pakistan.

What do you think about working with this company? What do you enjoy about it, and what do you think we can improve on?
There’s a lot I like about my current job. The contribution I make is vital because the IT tickets I’m working on need to be sorted out immediately so that user can get along with their work. I’m working with a client that provides IT support to other clients so my role ultimately influences the overall success of the business. So, that’s a real good feeling.

pic (3)Tell me about what kind of sports you like and if you play any?
I like playing table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, football and of course cricket. I don’t get much time to play, other than table-tennis during break time at work, but I still watch games to keep myself up to date. I love watching sports it helps keep me motivated, excited, and upbeat.
Have you participated in the table tennis tournaments at work?
Oh yes! I have participated in all of the tournaments that took place at Allshore/Datum. Indeed, I’ve always either won it or remained a runner up. I like playing doubles since it’s more fun when you’re playing as a team member. I’ve played alongside with Alex and also Ali H. We won the tournament on both occasions.
What other interests/hobbies do you have David?
I like reading books, especially self-help and autobiographies. I also enjoy travelling.
Have you travelled anywhere interesting?
Turkey, and it’s the best place to be. I visited there for fun and went to see the remains of the Ottoman Empire. They have many beautiful mosques, churches, and synagogues. Istanbul is divided between Asia and Europe and I crossed it via a cruise and it was a great feeling. The food there is great. The idea of lamb and Turkish Delights still makes my mouth water.

Will you tell me your favorite: book, room in your house, and movie?
My favorite books are Alchemist, Awaken the Giant Within, The Secret, and many others. My favorite room is the TV lounge, and my favorite movies are The Untouchables, Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside), the God Father series, and The Lord of the Rings series.


David lives with his wife, grandfather, mother, and younger brother. They enjoy traveling outside the city for fresh air, picnics, and games. He also hopes to travel to Egypt next. David is a Microsoft Certified Professional, and has also done training with CISCO at an institute in Pakistan.