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Designation: Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: 5 Years
Education: Masters of Information Technology
Time with Allshore: 1 Year and 1 Month

Ayaz M.

A fitness fan and office champ, Ayaz loves to excel in every aspect of his life. “We always know we can count on Ayaz to deliver quality work in a timely manner. The self-motivation and attention to detail that Ayaz demonstrates contributes to his continued success as a valued member of our team. It gives us great relief knowing we can rely on Ayaz to consistently deliver superior web design,” said Ayaz’s client that has worked with him for almost nine months.

Faisal N., Ayaz’s Team Lead, told us: “Ayaz consistently conveys open-mindedness and dedication towards his work. He has been working on my team for around a year, and I must say since he is a speedy and sharp learner, he has made incredible strides in his specialized capacities. Ayaz generally strives to keep his customer upbeat, give quality work, and possesses good communication skills. He is extremely helpful and generous to his colleagues. He adjusts rapidly and effectively to changes and is an extraordinarily cooperative person and a great team player.”

We checked in with Ayaz to talk with him about his life and experiences.


So Ayaz, will you give us a little background history about yourself? Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in a beautiful city called Haripur that is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
What is your favorite thing about your hometown?
My favorite things are the lakes, rivers, mountains, and the rich green fields of wheat and corn.
That sounds very nice! Does some of your family still live there?
Yes, all of my family is living there, and I try to go there on each weekend. It takes about two hours to drive from Islamabad to Haripur.
So tell us about your family! What do you like to do with them in your free time?
I have to two brothers, four sisters, and my wife. As you know here we like living in a family system, so we live together with our parents. I like to spend time with my family, so we usually go on trips.
What kind of trips do you go on?
My town is surrounded by hills and there are lakes and rivers. We like to go there and spend time outside.
Do you play any types of games outside?
Yes, I usually play cricket because in Pakistan we have a craze for this game. I played cricket on the district and regional level and was the captain of my team. We won two competitions at the district and regional levels when I was in high school and college. I also played hockey during college for the school.
I hear you have won every push up competition in the office!
Yes. I am the champion of push-ups and arm wrestling in the office. My record is 74 pushups. We developers don’t usually care about physical fitness, but I do try to keep myself active.
Usually developers care about the fitness of the mind, right?
Yes that’s right, but I believe that if you’re physically fit, your mind becomes more active than others.
So other than health and fitness, do you have any other personal hobbies or interests?
Yes, I do try to develop myself as a human being and a developer. I read good books about personal development and human development. As I am developer, I also keep myself updated on new technologies and standards. Also, I like history and read books about history when I get free time.
Ayaz 1What is your favorite: book, food, and color?
My favorite book is Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed, and my favorite color is white. My favorite food is rice with dal.
So Ayaz, why did you decide to go into the field of IT?
I had interest in the IT field when I was a student in high school. First I learned about the hardware of computers when I was in college. Then I thought about the software on computers that you installed with a CD. I thought why not to create software for computers, and that was the beginning of my interest in software development. That curiosity about software brought me into the IT field.
Do you have a favorite framework to work with? 
Codeigniter is my favorite framework, but I also love to work on open source things like OpenCart, Magento, WordPress and Joomla!
Do you have any funny stories from around the office you can share with us?
I became the table tennis champion of Category B. There are two categories of players. Category A is for good players and Category B is for average players. I was not expecting to become the champion.

Ayaz believes that hard work and commitment are the keys for a successful career in the IT field. He has earned two Masters degrees, one in Information Technology from the University of Arid Agriculture in Rawalpindi, and the other in Business Administration from the Allama Iqbal Open University. Ayaz loves action and comedy movies, and if he could play any character in a movie he would be a warrior.