Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Network Team Lead
Department: IT
Experience: Almost 10 Years
Education: Masters in Information Technology
Time with Allshore: 3 Years and 6 Months

Asad M.

It seems here at Allshore, if you find yourself in a technical bind, Asad M is the man ask for help. Raheel A, the CEO of our Islamabad office had this to say, “Asad is an extremely hard working professional who has an ability to manage many concurrent tasks. This is one of the reasons that one hundred present of our nodes, networks and servers are functioning perfectly. He has a firm knowledge of networking and IT and he knows how to easily manage his team and resources.”

A member of Asad’s networking team, David M, couldn’t say enough good things about him. “As my immediate manager, Asad has constantly amplified his direction and support to me for all my work ventures at Allshore/Datumsquare. He has always served as an example to everyone in the Network Department, and has always ingrained professionalism and core values in us. I have grown professionally due to his efforts and am grateful and much obliged to him for his direction and supervision.”

Asad FTMWhat college did you attend and what degree(s) do you have?

I attended Edwards College in Peshawar where I received my Bachelors in Science. Then I received my Masters in IT with a specialization in System Administration from Iqra University.

What interests you so much about IT and computers?

It is a world of technology now, everything is controlled by computers. I knew I wanted to be a part of this new world and I love working on new technology!

What is your favorite framework to work with and why?

I love working in Linux, especially Centos. Linux is Microsoft’s competitor in many fields. It is a lot more stable then Microsoft and I feel it’s easier to work in than Windows.

What do you think are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?

If you are responsible for a technology there is a big need to keep yourself updated, and constantly research any related fields so you are able to give correct and prompt help. Like in Linux and networking, I am required to have some knowledge of PHP and Databases.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned through your working experiences?

I have learned that letting go is one of the toughest things you can ever do, because you literally are making yourself vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage, strength and faith to believe in yourself, and to trust your own judgment.

Asad FTM 6What is your favorite thing about working in the office, and what is your best advice for a new comer joining our company?

Be honest and work hard because there are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop in this company. The environment is great and there is a lot of respect between coworkers. We also have plenty of fun activities too!

Can you tell us about your family and what you guys like to do in your free time?

I have the most perfect family in the world! It includes me, my wife and my two kids, my daughter, Zynah, and my son Azlan. I love spending time with my kids and make time daily to do so. Especially our daily morning pillow fights! We go out on weekends and like to spend time at the park and go out to dinner.

Have you and your family traveled anywhere interesting, and what is the next place on your list?

We love traveling to the nearby hill stations of Islamabad such as Murree and Pir Sohawa. We also took a really nice visit to Lahore last year. We are planning to visit Swat Valley, which is called the Switzerland of Pakistan. I have traveled plenty of times but my kids haven’t been yet. It is a nice hill station with glaciers and there are many places to visit there, and you can find delicious trout to fish.

What is your favorite food, and your favorite movie?

We have a dish called Namkeen Tikka which is boiled and fried mutton. It’s my most favorite thing to eat! Life as We Know It and No Country for Old Men are two movies that I saw recently and I really like them.

Do you have any funny stories from home to share?

It was during one of my exam times in college that I found myself really stressed out. I ended up driving in my car to the market and was thinking constantly about my upcoming exams. I couldn’t get them out of my head. I was walking home from the market when I happened to meet up with my brother, and he looked at me confused, and asked me where the car was. I couldn’t believe it! I was so preoccupied I forgot I drove there! Thankfully my brother went with me back to the market to get the forgotten car.


While Asad may seem like he’s just a hardworking man and father, he does have a mysterious side to him. “If I could play any character in a movie it would be James Bond! It would be interesting to be a spy and have all that danger around you!” As much as we think he would do well at anything he sets his mind to, I think we’ll keep him.