Featured Team Member

Not available to hire
Designation: Associate Team Lead
Department: PHP
Experience: Almost 5 years
Education: Masters in Computer Programming
Time with Allshore: 3 years

Asad K.

Asad K. is a hard worker around the Allshore/Datum office and known as a great guy.  Junaid, Asad’s Team Lead, told us his thoughts about working with him: “I am really proud to have Asad on my team as he is one of our best developers. Whenever I need his help with projects he never says no, and goes out of his way to help our company in every way. I have no words to express how grateful I am to him. He is a gem in my team.”


Asad’s Client Relations Manager, Brittany, also had praise for him. “Asad is an all around great guy! He is very punctual, and has always shown great care and dedication in his work. English is his second language, yet Asad has the most impressive English vocabulary of anyone I know. He continuously has me looking up words, and English is my first and only language! It is very clear that Asad loves challenges and learning new things every day. He is not one to settle. Asad is a great asset to our company and I really enjoy working with him.”

 Asad K pic

Where did you grow up? Where did you receive your education?

I belong to the KPK province.  I completed my schooling there in my hometown. After that I shifted to Peshawar and got admission into a college for Computer Science. Then I moved to Hazara University where I completed my Masters degree in Computer Programming. 

What got you interested in computers? Why did you choose a career in I.T.?

I used to play computer games when I was a little kid. It was one of my best friends in my early years. My father also supported me and I accepted the challenge with alacrity.

Did you notice any large differences between your previous companies and   Allshore?

Well, the difference is clear. They didn’t have a proper team structure, and non-IT guys handled the clients. When I joined Allshore, I found the working rooms more professional. There are many experienced guys with scintillating abilities who can turn any discussion into an erudite discussion. Also, the direct client relationship provides great advantage in understanding the projects.

So you previously mentioned that you liked to play computer games when you were younger. What games did you enjoy playing?

I started with Mario, and then IGI was my favorite. Shadow Force was also a good game. Mostly I played war or mission games. I do not play them anymore; I have a lot more to do these days.

What are your personal interests now? Hobbies?

Studying books, then studying more books, writing poetry and fiction, writing for different magazines. On the weekend I like to cook, swim, hunt and play cricket. 

You got married not too long ago right? Will you tell us about your wife?

She is as ingenuous as me, and very simple and sleepy. She plays cricket with me, and has to listen my poems all the time. The best thing about her is that she does not like to go shopping. She is the worst cook in the universe, but the best interior designer. My mom, dad, sister, and myself all cook. I love to cook. 

Do you all live together?

Yes, we live together. We have a big house and we all live there with our three cats, two dogs, and four rabbits. They are all very obstreperous.

So we know a little about your own personal interests, but what do you like to do with your family?

We are a simple family. My two elder sisters are married; they have master degrees in chemistry. My father is retired from GIKI University, and my younger brother has just completed his MS in physics. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Most of the time we quarrel, and we often go to the riverbank for picnics, we watch TV shows together. We also play some local games.

Asad K PictureDo you have a favorite type of picnic food?  Or foods that you typically take on picnics?

I love BBQ at picnics, and of course biryani. It is a spicy dish, and it removes my indolence on weekend.

What interesting places have you travelled? And where would you like to travel in the future?

I have travelled to most parts of Pakistan. Gilgit, Swat, and Naran are my favorite places. I would love to visit Saudi Arabia, Italy and Virginia. My uncle and cousins live in Virginia, and I want to be with them for few evenings.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite colors are green and white, because green in the color of nature and it is cool and soft. White is the most clear and pure color, and philosophy says these colors are good to maintain good human culture.


Asad has taught himself one new word a day to improve his vocabulary. He’s also a poet, and his favorite quote is “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” from Socrates. His favorite books are the Holy Quran, To the Lighthouse, and Diwan e Ghalib. He also likes classical music, and the songs “I Melt With You” and “Gham He Ya Khushi He Tu.”