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Designation: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Department: QA
Experience: Six Years
Education: Bachelor of Computer Sciences
Time with Allshore: Nine Months

Asad A.

A great addition to our team, Asad has been helping our largest client with all their QA needs. Asad’s client truly values his work, and told us: “I believe QA folks are the unsung heroes of the Software Development world. In fact, sometimes people may get frustrated when it can’t get past the QA steps. Since I started working with Asad about 6 months ago, I have found him to be one of these heroes. In my fast paced multi-tasking job I am so grateful that he is so focused and good at what he does. Often he catches things I should have included during the design phase and pushes me to make good decisions. He is diligent about breaking down requirements and making sure things do not make it out the door without full testing.
Asad works hard to ensure the quality of products being delivered by Allshore meets excellent standards. When I try to rush and bypass him and his scrutiny, I sometimes create more work for myself. I’ve found that with Asad’s diligence, we can reduce the actual time from start to finish and delivery as we don’t have tickets make it all the way to clients with issues but rather they are stopped further upstream. I find Asad to be a joy to work with and a man who takes pride in his work and it shows. We are lucky to have him on our team!”


Ali H., one of his Team Leads, said: “Asad has a great attitude and is dedicated to his work. Ever since he became a part of our team, he has made the job of our developers a lot easier and has helped all our applications perform at the highest level. He’s always a go to man and is ready to help in every regard, that includes participating in sporting activities. You have great future ahead of you Asad, keep it up!!”

So Asad, will you begin by telling us about what got you started in IT?
I started in IT without any special intentions, but after jumping in I am in love with my education and profession. Although my dream job was the armed forces, now I am happy with where I am. After my graduation, I moved to Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, and joined a tech company.
So, tell us about your experiences working with the company.
It has been great from day one. I have the chance to learn new technologies, and the chance to further my career in automation testing. We also have good sports activities here.
Do you get to play ping-pong with the other guys a lot?
Yes, ping-pong is one of my favorite games. I sometimes play daily during dinner break and after shift. In my university days, I won intercollege tournaments consecutively for three years.
What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
Well, as for games I like to play ping-pong and cricket. Other than that, I like traveling. During my studies I have visited almost all of Pakistan.
What is your favorite place you have visited in Pakistan?
It is an unknown place called Neelay. It is a meadow and we had to hike for two days to reach there, but it is a good natural place with fields of tall grass and glaciers. Since the birth of my daughter, most of my weekends are spent with my family and playing cricket with friends. My daughter is two years old now, and she is the cutest.
Since you enjoy traveling so much, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Well, I would like to start by going to Egypt, and after that, anywhere I get the chance to visit. In Egypt I’d see the pyramids, since that’s amazing work. I mean if we think about it, someone build these pyramids before the invention of the wheel. Don’t worry though, the USA is also at the top of the list. First, I’d go to the Allshore office.
Can you tell me your favorite: color, movie, and book?
My favorite color is blue, and I like the movie Braveheart. As for books, my favorites are mostly Pakistani poetry. You might be familiar with Iqbal and Ghalib.
FB_IMG_1440600536778Do you like a lot of movies with history in them?
I love history, though I like mostly war history. The tools and techniques have gradually changed in the last 1000 years.
So what is the most fascinating war that you have learned about so far?
I don’t remember its exact name, but it was fought by Hannibal and it was the first time he used multi-sided attack techniques. But I don’t like modern wars; now the wars are dangerous so no one can like them.
What kind of animal you would want to be, if you could be?
Well a parrot would be okay, because that is a safe bird. Most people love to talk with parrots. If I said I’d like to be a chicken then someone would roast me.

Asad’s other Team Lead, Atta, called Asad a one-man-army for QA and told us “He is always willing to learn new technologies to help with his work, whether we asked him to or not. His requirement gathering and software testing skills are great.” We’re hoping to have Asad on our team for many years to come!