Featured Team Member

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Designation: Principal Software Engineer
Department: PHP
Experience: 7 Years
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore: About Two and a Half Years

Amir M.

A budding photographer, Amir loves his work life and his home life. His client enjoys working with him and told us: “Amir has grown to become an important member of our team. He stepped into a project that lacked direction and that had multiple levels of code in need of structure. He has been able to effectively work through the system to clean, develop, and improve efficiency. Amir has had some challenging tasks thrown at him, and he has always kept a positive attitude and looked for a workable solution. He is a talented programer, and I am happy that he is being recognized for it.”  

His Team Lead, Khurram K., told us: “Amir is not only interested in learning and experimenting with new technologies, but he is also eager to implement them into his client’s projects. He is always trying to find a better, quicker, and more modern solution that aligns with his project requirements. He’s the nerd around here! Once he’s after something, he wants to master it at any cost. He’s so passionate about his work and its quality. His client is so happy with him and loves working with him. Along with his job, he’s a great table tennis player and has recently adopted photography as a hobby. Overall he’s a great person and an outstanding employee in this company.”

Will you please begin with some background information about yourself, for example, where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Karachi, and when I was about one year old my whole family moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. So, I spent my early childhood in Abu Dhabi.

DSC_0914Tell us about your experiences growing up in Abu Dhabi!

We lived on the top floor of a sixteen story building in the main city center. Our neighbors included an Indian family and a Bengali family, and we were very close to the Bengali family. I went to an Indian school, and so I’ve seen many different cultures. When I was about fourteen, my father decided that we needed to move back to Pakistan. We did, but my father lived in Abu Dhabi and continued his job. I think the best time of my life was in Abu Dhabi: clean, beautiful, and full of fun.

Do you feel that you learned anything valuable from your international and cultural experiences growing up? What about now as an adult?

Yes, it helped me to see different situations with different perspectives. That helps me a lot, especially in everyday life. By viewing different cultures, we can analyse much better, and I think that is quite helpful.

So you live in Islamabad now, right? Do you enjoy living there?

No, we actually live in Rawalpindi. When we moved here, we rented a house near some of our relatives while we were building our own house. Once that was finished, we moved in. I think that was in 2003, and it’s about 30 miles to the office. I live on the outskirts of Rawalpindi, which according to my friends, is outside the city.

Do you have a favorite part about living in Rawalpindi?

The place where I live is quite secure since we’re surrounded by Army residences, and we also have an Army park nearby. Ayub Park, one of the biggest parks in the area is only about five minutes from my home. I think it’s an ideal place to live in Rawalpindi, but I am a little far away from the city center.

What kind of park is Ayub? What do you enjoy there?

There is a specific playground for small children, a merry go round, roller coaster, small zoo, and a bouncy castle. There’s something for everyone and on weekends it is over crowded, but still quite fun, especially for kids.

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have any special hobbies or interests?

Mostly I like to spend time with my family and my nephews and niece, if they are around. I like to take photographs of them too. If I’m alone I spend my time watching movies.

How old are your niece and nephews?

Adil is five, Abu-Bakar is four, and Afifa is one. They all have different personalities. Adil is sensitive, loving, caring, and he is an actor. Abu-Bakar doesn’t care about anything and is a free soul. Afifa is a leo, so I call her Lion, and she does whatever she wants and we can’t stop her at all. I really love them all.

Which one would you say is most like you?

I would say Abu-Bakar, since he is very different. He loves to play with cars, and was about one and a half when he started to play with toy cars. He loves to see large tractors or trolleys. Whenever there is a trolley passing near our home, he runs outside to see it. I remember when we were on my motorbike, and while I was driving he reached out and touched a car. I was terrified but he was smiling. He is quite attached to me and for some reason he calls me father and not uncle, and I love that.

So, I believe you have done some traveling lately. Tell us about your recent visits.

Oh, it was great! We traveled to Karachi, which is about 900 miles away from Rawalpindi. We traveled by train, and I love trains, but it takes about twenty-six hours to get to Karachi. I was traveling with my wife, daughter, father, uncle, and his daughter. At first I didn’t want to go, which my wife and daughter were not happy about. Then my sister, who was in Karachi, sent me photos of Abu-Bakar and Afifa. That got me thinking, and I realized I would miss a lot, especially since it was my wife and daughter’s first trip to Karachi. I knew me being there would help them a lot. We enjoyed the whole trip to Karachi, especially when they sat near the window and saw the beautiful views of Pakistan. When we reached Karachi, we rested for a day and then visited relatives from my wife’s side and spent the day with them. On the third day we did some shopping, but again Karachi is very big so it took a whole day. Then we went sightseeing with just the family, and with my sister and her kids. The next day we went to a party that was thrown by some of our relatives and spent the day there. On the sixth day we had some time to relax, so I spent the day playing with the kids and taking photos of them. Then we packed up and started to travel home. On the way back to Rawalpindi almost all of us were asleep.

P1060271What got you started in IT?

I was about six years old when I heard about the concept of virtual reality. It said anything was possible in virtual reality. The concept opened my eyes and I wanted to know more and more about it. Then I came to know about computers and programming, and that with programming we can make anything in a virtual world. So, you can say that I was an IT freak from the start.

What are the most important skills and abilities in order to remain successful in this career?

It depends on what field you’re working in, but in general now a days every developer should know about front-end development. People with special skills can get an above average job, especially if they know a lot about UI/UX.

What is your favorite: color, food, and movie?

My favorite color is purple because I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and Donatello was my favorite. He was a geek who wore the purple headband, and so I love purple. My favorite foods are rice and fish, and my favorite movies are Seven Pounds, Meet Joe Black, and The Man From Nowhere.


Amir loves going out with his wife and daughter, especially to parks where they can play together. He enjoys swimming, tennis, and table tennis. Amir plays table tennis at the office, and loves to be active. His love of all things technical makes him a pleasure to work with, and we’re so glad to have him!