Featured Team Member

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Designation: Sales Executive
Department: Sales
Experience: 5 Years
Education: Masters in Economics
Time with Allshore: 3 Years

Adam N.

Adam has been with our Allshore Sales team for three years, and everyone knows him as a great guy to work with. Allshore’s Sales Manager, Daniel, had great things to say about him: “Adam N. is a hardworking, intelligent, humble and an honest gentleman. He knows how to communicate with people in a clear and understanding fashion and is never afraid to ask for help when he sees that the skills of others can help him overcome a challenge. Adam is always committed to the task at hand and his hard work reaps results. He is a joy to know and a pleasure to work with.”

Alex, the senior sales executive, told us “Adam is one of the most hardworking guys in the sales department, and is an easy going person and easy to work with.  He has a very different approach in terms of sales and marketing. One of the most punctual members of my team, his ability to learn more and more about new sales strategies is impressive. He’s a fun loving guy, a joke cracker, and has a very good sense of humor.”

Adam 3We had a chat with Adam to ask him about himself.

Will you first tell us about your education background?
I graduated from Edwardes College in Peshawar and then finished my Masters in Economics from Peshawar University. After that I went abroad for further education and received my MBA degree in General Management from the UK.

At the previous sales job you had, were you in sales internationally like you are with Allshore, or was it a local company?
It was an American Taxi Dispatch project based in Chicago, Illinois. We had to update all the customers’ info on a daily basis to their server, along with taking calls and dispatching cabs and vans.
What are your thoughts on working with American clients versus local ones?
Any major differences you have noticed? Or similarities?

I haven’t had the opportunity to work for local clients, but I like working for American customers for different reasons. You learn something about the cultures and traditions of another country. Also you get to know more about a particular country when you are working for its citizens.
What would you say is the most valuable thing you have learned while working with our company?
Patience is a virtue.  Honestly that’s what I have learned working in sales for Allshore. You aim at something, you fire at it, and then you wait, watch, and hope it comes back to you. Allshore also taught me how to bring two corners of the world together through trust. What we achieved here at Datum/Allshore is no less than a miracle even through the times of distrust between our countries.

Adam 2Could you tell me about your family?

I would say my wife is my best friend, and when I say that, I mean it. I also have a daughter and she is my Sugar Pop. She is 18 months old and already asking me to buy her things when I’m at home. Everyone says she looks just like her father. My mother is one in a million and I have all my highest respect for her. We live together and I love my family.

What do you and your family like to do on weekends?
We like to go out for diner and sometimes take long drives to escape the busy city. We visit our family members, especially on Sunday. I also like to do some DIY stuff at home if I need to, and that’s why my hobby is to fix broken items. I like to watch movies at home and browse online.

Do you have a favorite movie? Or a favorite type of movie?

 I watch all kinds of movies, and it depends on my mood what I want to watch. I really like historical thrillers and detective stories. No Country for Old Men, Jack Reacher, and Mission: Impossible are some movies I like.

If Adam could have a superpower it would be to heal others. His favorite food is biryani (a rice dish), his favorite color is sky blue, and his favorite day of the week is Friday. He is also a fan of Christian Bale in the Batman series.