If I want to hire a new team member, how quickly can they start?

That depends on whether the professionals we have available meet your needs. If we happen to have a readily available candidate, they may be able to get started right away. If we need to recruit someone to fulfill the skillset you need, the process may take longer. When hiring a custom candidate, we respect that they may need to fulfill a notice period with their prior employer before joining us and getting started.

We are interested in finding the right fit for each client and will not place a team member unless they are the best option for you. A quick match for the wrong reasons is not conducive to long-term success for our clients nor Allshore. This means that while we may not be able to start you with your new team member immediately,our recruiters will work quickly and effectively to find you the best hire. Although this process can take longer, we have found it to be much more successful for everyone involved.

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