What roles do my Technical Success Manager and Client Success Manager play?

A Technical Success Manager and a Client Success Manager are provided at no additional cost to help manage your team members’ day-to-day by overseeing their work, time, attendance, and communication.

An Allshore Technical Success Manager has considerable experience and knowledge in their field and performs routine code reviews and offers technical guidance and solutions for you and your team. They are also available to assist in the creation of project estimates, scopes, and documentation.

The Allshore Client Success Manager provides proactive customer service and is your primary contact for client support. They are available to resolve any questions, issues, or concerns regarding our services. Their objective is to proactively prevent problems from ever arising, but they are trained to handle them if they do.

Both managers are heavily involved and invested in Allshore’s partnership with you in order to ensure you are fully satisfied and your company’s standards, goals, and needs are met.

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